Social Initiatives

Human Resource Development

Attitude toward Human Resource Development

We have established an employee development program that organically integrate on-the-job training (OJT) to gain a wide range of business experience and knowledge through an abundance of projects, provision of diverse training programs, and creation of self-learning opportunities through distribution of LinkedIn Learning accounts to all employees, certification incentive program, and more.
Additionally, we use training programs held by Microsoft and other vendors to catch up on the latest technologies. By steadily implementing employee development plans in accordance with their careers, we aim to strengthen our human capital.

Operation of the JBS Training Center

We operate the JBS Training Center, a training facility specifically for employees. We have developed an environment for maximum upskilling for employees at this center, with all employees able to receive the training they require and provision of content adapted to the latest technologies. Recently, we have started holding hybrid training with the training center connected online.


Talent Management Support

We are advancing education that is adapted to the cloud era and engaging in the visualization and analysis of our engineer’s skill portfolios and strategic nurturing thereof based on such analysis. In order to become the “No.1 Cloud Integrator leading the world of DX” which we uphold as our philosophy, we actively support those who embody the JBS brand.

Nurturing Next Generation Leaders and Management

In order to develop an environment in which it is easy for women to aim for management positions and hold a positive image toward balancing management positions and the home/childrearing, we are planning to hold training aimed at female managers and female employees who are aiming to become management personnel in the future.

MVV Penetration Program

We hold companywide MVV penetration programs, which are activities for each and every employee to become an embodiment of the JBS brand, on a continuous basis. We conduct workshops to deepen understanding of MVV (philosophy) and think about the future of JBS. (2022 record: held 11 workshops, participants: 184, attendance rate: 97%)

  • MVV Penetration Program

  • Awards program

    We hold the Excellent Performance Awards company-wide, a program to award teams that create new value suitable for JBS and those who embody MVV. This program is held semiannually and the awards are announced and presented at company meetings.

    Diversity & Inclusion

    We uphold “cherishing the uniqueness of each and every one” as part of our code of conduct, and engage in awareness-raising activities through a dedicated page in our in-house portal as well as advance various initiatives to promote the development of an environment in which diverse personnel can shine while staying true to themselves.

    Promoting Women’s Advancement

    Since 2022, we have been regularly holding training for career development premised on balancing work and home life. We also create opportunities to widely draw out desires from working mothers, female managers, men who have taken paternity leave, etc. to continuously consider the review of systems to support the balance of work and home life.


    “Eruboshi” certification

  • Number of Employees/Ratio of female employees

    Number of Employees/Ratio of female employees

  • Ratio of female managers

    Ratio of female managers

  • Building the JBS Alumni Network

    In November 2022, we launched the JBS Alumni Network as a mechanism to maintain a continuous relationship with JBS alumni (retirees and others who have left JBS).
    Through the use of this network, we aim to turn online connections between employee and former employee and between former employees into value and further strengthen our human capital management. Additionally, not limiting communication with former employees to be solely online, we are considering holding in-person networking events at the employee cafeteria, Lucy’s CAFE & DINING.
    Going forward, we will continue to strengthen the circle of JBS which creates further value through initiatives to connect and nurture people, JBS’s greatest appeal.

    Developing an Confortable Working Enviroment

    Along with providing a diverse work environment that is tailored to each employee’s work style, we advance a variety of initiatives toward promoting health and enhancing communication.

    Promoting Health Management

    Under the concept that employees’ health leads to fulfilling work, we have implemented the Carely health management system, which is useful to help resolve employees’ health issues, to promote health management.

    Additionally, starting with having a full-time industrial doctor, we hold yearly health checks and stress checks for a centralized management of employees’ health information as well as disseminate information that is helpful in improving employees’ health.
    In April 2018, we established the Healthcare Center, the predecessor to the current Healthcare Service Division, to advance the further strengthening of health management.


    Promoting Work-life Balance

    To support employees in balancing work and family life and create a workplace environment where everyone feels a sense of fulfillment, we have been implementing an action plan based on the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children" since April 1, 2019. We have been working on initiatives such as a stock leave system that can be used for childcare purposes, promoting paternity leave through PR activities, updating the paternity leave guidebook, publishing FAQs based on the guidebook, creating and releasing explanatory videos based on the guidebook, and establishing a consultation desk for taking childcare leave.

    Furthermore, we are actively working towards promoting the uptake of paternity leave by men. Currently, approximately 25% of men take paternity leave, and our medium-term management plan aims to achieve 100% uptake in the future. Additionally, we have obtained Tomonin certification as a company that promotes the establishment of a workplace environment where employees can balance work and caregiving responsibilities.


    Vitalizing Communication

    As a company that provides communication technology, JBS has an insight into how communication should be. We deeply understand not only technology but also the importance of face-to-face exchanges between employees. Under such awareness, we hold various opportunities for employees to casually consult and interact with each other.


    Providing a Full Cloud Environment

    In addition to a comfortable office environment with no assigned seating, we provide a full cloud environment that is optimal for remote work. It makes it possible to work in a shared office or from home. Developing an environment that realizes diverse work styles contributes to a reduction in overtime work.

    Average number of overtime hours of full-time employees

    Respect for Human Rights

    Human Rights Basic Policy

    With the awareness that people are the most important factor in any and all aspects of business activities, we have always upheld respect for basic human rights in our business activities.
    In October 2021, in order to clearly declare our respect for basic human rights in business activities anew, we established a human rights basic policy for the JBS Group to uphold.

    JBS Human Rights Basic Policy

    Establishment of a Consultation Counter

    We established a consultation counter for consultations on child care leave, employment of persons with disabilities, external health consultations, harassment, etc. to promptly and appropriately handle inquiries from employees. We also established a hotline (internal / external) to receive consultations on human rights.

    Quality Improvement and Treatment of Suppliers

    JBS conducts a bidirectional assessment questionnaire every year with its suppliers from an ESG viewpoint and strives to improve quality by feeding back the results in both directions.
    Additionally, for procurement, we maintain good relationships with business partners with high skills while improving the sophistication and homogenization of service levels in order to pursue the “customer first” principle, which is part of JBS’s code of conduct.

    Acquisition of Accreditations

    In order to realize safe and certain information management in the IT solution services we provide to customers, we have adopted and operate the following management systems.

    Privacy Mark(JIS Q 15001)

    ISO/IEC 27001:2022 / JIS Q 27001:2023

    Quality Policy

    The JBS Group undertakes to “use all resources for our customers’ satisfaction” under the basic concept of our customer first principle. In order to be the best partner that provides the best systems and services to our customers, and continue to always provide customers with strategic and practical information systems, we endeavor to realize high-level IT services based on high technological capabilities and a rich track record, and at the same time, engage in quality improvement from all sides.

    JBS Quality Policy

    Information Security

    Starting with the implementation of Microsoft’s high-level security environment, we have implemented the solutions of various partners that have a track record in the security field, through which we support the realization of an optimal environment tailored to each customer’s situation.
    In August 2022, we took part in security lectures provided by Global Security Experts and other opportunities for nurturing engineers, commencing initiatives toward further improving the quality of the cloud security services that JBS provides.

    Business Continuity Plan

    Even when we are forced to suspend business activities due to disasters and other threats, we have developed a business continuity plan (BCP) to fulfill our social responsibilities by minimizing the impact on the businesses of our customers and other stakeholders, with which we have built a system to secure the safety of all employees and continue our business including providing services to our customers.

    1.Access Control

    Multi-factor authentication, conditional access, download permission

    Azure Active Directory (Conditional Access)

    2. Anti-Malware

    Automatic first response for each alert level

    Microsoft Defender For Endpoint

    3.Account Protection

    Automatic judgement of risks

    Microsoft Entra ID (Identity Protection)

    4. Visualization of Cloud Usage

    Visualizing and scoring of access and uploads

    Microsoft Cloud App Security + , Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

    5.Web Filtering

    Blocking access for specific content

    Microsoft Defender For Endpoint

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