Management Policies

Message from CEO

We will contribute to the creation of systems and frameworks that promote digital transformation of companies.

JBS provides the best IT services to our customers based on our mission of "Bringing the best technology to everyone, everywhere."

The world's society and economy have changed drastically, and the importance of DX is increasingly talked about. While DX is now a must for all companies and organizations, more than 90% of companies are still "halfway there".

In an era when companies need to utilize digital technology to establish business models and implement structural reforms necessary to solve social issues, customers need to understand the technology, develop their own strategies in-house, and create competitive value-added digital transformations, instead of "throwing it all on outside IT vendors," as has been the case in the past. In addition, in order to promote transformation with a sense of speed, it is essential to utilize cloud solutions that provide a vast amount of digital resources.
JBS prides itself on being leaders in the field of cloud-utilization. We strive to maximize the benefits of the cloud to our customers and to contribute to the creation of systems and frameworks that promote digital transformation.


President & CEO
Yukihiro Makita

Our Philosophy

In June 2022, we have evolved our corporate philosophy and established "Mission", "Vision", "Value", and "Logo" as our new philosophy system.

With "Bringing the best technology to everyone, everywhere" as our mission, we will contribute to the sustainable growth of the company and society through technological innovation by staying close to our customers and providing them with the technology they need in an optimal form.


Human Capital Management

Provide a good working environment and continue to support the growth of our employees - these are the thoughts that JBS holds dear to its employees. We believe that we cannot provide good service to our customers without a high level of employee satisfaction, so we focus on training and welfare programs.

In addition to providing a state-of-the-art IT environment for each employee, JBS offers training at the JBS Training Center, a training facility exclusively for employees, which they can take whenever they want. We also operate a company cafeteria, "Lucy's CAFE & DINING," which mainly serves dinner to stimulate communication among employees, and we have prepared an apartment in a convenient central location for employees who live alone. The company also provides an apartment for employees who live alone in a convenient location in the heart of the city.


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