Our Philosophy


Bringing the best technology to everyone, everywhere

The world is advancing at a rapid pace due to technological innovations.
While expeditious adoption of new technologies is key to fostering continuous growth, judging the appropriate use of these tools and optimizing application is also crucial in assuring the intended benefits.
We at JBS are committed to contributing to the long-term advancement of business and society by working closely with our customers to deliver innovative technologies befitting their particular needs and goals.


No.1 Cloud Integrator leading the world of DX

Across the globe, a multitude of factors such as shifts in workstyle and increased awareness for diversity are leading to major changes in society and finance.
Companies are being asked to view these changes as opportunities and strive to enact structural reformation and establish new business models. To tackle these challenges swiftly, companies must endeavor to embrace technology, they themselves becoming catalysts for digital transformation.
JBS prides itself on being leaders in the field of cloud-utilization. We strive to be our customers' preferred partner and the first to be consulted as a trusted source to maximize the benefits of the cloud and to design the foundations for facilitating digital transformation.


Customer First

We provide the best solutions to achieving customer success by considering matters from the customer standpoint and acting with speed and initiative.

Diversity & Inclusion

We respect all individuals, including customers, business associates, employees and their families.


We value building strong mutual respect, and approach all activities with sincerity.

Passion for Technology

We treasure the wonder of technology, and continue to chase its infinite possibilities.

Commitment to Growth

We constantly continue to strive, learn, and grow.


While inheriting the image of integrity that JBS has cultivated over the years, which places importance on being close to its customers, the new design is based on the concept of being forward-looking, providing the latest technology as a cloud professional to promote corporate reform, and co-creating with customers to create a future where both work and life are fulfilling. The logo is designed based on the concept of a friendly and positive image.
The yellow arc on the "J" that characterizes the logo is a smile. It represents a future where all people are happy and full of smiles.

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