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Do These Problems Sound Familiar?

As a result of speed-oriented approaches in response to changing working styles, such as the introduction of remote work, the standalone communication tools you have implemented are not linked meaning that you can’t handle security measures to use them safely from in or outside the office. Sound familiar?
When using Microsoft products in an on-premise environment, or using them mixed with other groupware products, many issues arise that need to be taken into consideration in terms of cost, operation, security, and more. We hear often hear opinions from customers saying that this leads to productivity and operational efficiency not quite improving as desired.

Now is precisely the critical time to press forward with the implementation and use of a comprehensive cloud-based communication platform.

You Are Currently Using an On-Premise Environment and Considering the Use of a Cloud-Based Environment
  • Server management costs money
  • There are frequent version changes and updates, costing time and effort for operation
  • You have security concerns about continuing to operate an old system
You Are Using Microsoft Products + Other Groupware
  • Management / operation is complicated because of the combination of multiple groupware products
  • IT governance is diminished
  • Data linkage between tools doesn’t run smoothly
  • Usability varies among tools
  • It is difficult to isolate a problem when it occurs

Benefits of Implementing Microsoft 365


Improved Management / Operational Efficiency

Not only can you improve efficiency by unifying your system, you can use Microsoft 365 to improve productivity through on-site leadership and accelerate DX.

As it is a cloud-based service, work to implement version updates is unnecessary. Automatic updates enable you to always use the latest apps.


Improved Security

Gartner has recognized Microsoft as a Magic Quadrant Leader in the security field. Because it is a cloud-based service, you automatically receive the latest security updates.


Integrated Digital Workplace

It is also easy to integrate data as part of a digital workplace with a unified interface, including communication tools such as e-mail, chat, calendar, and meetings, as well as document management. You can respond to a flexible work style that isn’t dependent on time, place, or device.

IT ガバナンス向上

Improved IT Governance

Due to IDaaS centered around Microsoft Entra ID, you can manage IDs, devices, applications, and data in a more secure environment and in a policy-compliant way.

What Is Microsoft 365, the Solution to Your Problems?

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based service that enables you to use Office apps, security measures, and Windows OS as a whole. It packages the three services of Office 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), and Windows 11 in to one service package.

An Intelligent and Safe Solution That Empowers Employees and IT

Office 365
Office 365

Office 365 includes not only Office apps such as Excel but also groupware such as for e-mail, file-sharing, and online meetings. It is compatible with multiple devices, so you can work anytime and anywhere.

Enterprise Mobility +
Security (EMS)
Enterprise Mobility + Security(EMS)

In addition to ID management, this service provides powerful classified information protection such as endpoint device management and detailed file operation restriction and encryption. You can feel secure in using it in conjunction with your company’s policies.

Windows 11
Windows 11

The latest Windows OS equipped with varied and sophisticated security measure functions. It is designed to be easy to manage and operate, and automated installation is possible.

JBS Supports the Implementation of Microsoft 365

Top 3 Worries When Considering the Implementation of Microsoft 365

I Don’t Know Where to Begin

I want to understand the current system situation and form an implementation plan, but I don’t know where to start. I want to implement it within budget with as little a burden as possible on the end-user departments.

I Want to Know the Optimal Migration Method

We are using an e-mail system under our current system that is not a Microsoft product and I don’t know if we can migrate data or switch e-mail distribution routes easily and without problems.

I Am Worried about Operation after Implementation

After we start using the new system, I anticipate an increase in inquiries from end-users to the IT department and I am concerned about whether they can handle it.

Consultation Service

Utilizing the knowledge we have gained over extensive experience in system development and operation, we work with each customer to consider how to apply different operations to Microsoft 365.

Integration Service

We do the practical work toward implementation. We assist not only with work on the Microsoft 365 side but also work on your company’s servers and work on the client side.

Migration Service

We conduct work to switch over from your existing environment to a Microsoft 365 environment. We take care of high risk data migration, e-mail delivery route switchover, and more.

User Support Service

For a smooth start to using Microsoft 365, we provide user training in advance, a contact desk service for users after the start of use, a manual that is updated monthly, etc., in order to reduce the burden on your information system department after system launch.

System Maintenance Service

We provide a contact desk service for handling inquiries from system administrators on questions after the start of operation, and proxy work for routine tasks, etc., in a way that follows up on the ever-changing Microsoft 365 environment.

  • Azure Active Directory has been renamed Microsoft Entra ID.Resource


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