Approach to Sustainability

In order to realize our corporate mission of "Bringing the best technology to everyone, everywhere" We create social value and corporate value through our business, aiming to balance the sustainability of society and the sustainable growth of JBS. At JBS, in order to pass down an abundant global environment and sustainable society to the next generation, we fulfill our duties as members of society and incorporate efforts to contribute to resolving environmental and social issues into our business activities.
Additionally, we established a basic policy on sustainability, a policy which drives our sustainability initiatives, and identified material issues (critical issues) that we should engage in based on the policy. Going forward, we intend to formulate objectives and plans based on these material issues and execute them aiming to realize a sustainable society and develop our business.

Basic Policy for Sustainability

We at JBS are committed to contributing to the long-term advancement of business and society by working closely with our customers to deliver innovative technologies befitting their particular needs and goals.

  • Basic Policy for Sustainability

  • In order to realize our management philosophy based on the basic policy on sustainability, from the viewpoint of aiming to balance a sustainable society with JBS’s sustainable growth, we identify issues that we consider especially important and on which we should focus as material issues.
    In identifying material issues, we assess and examine various issues that exist in society from the two aspects of “business opportunities” that contribute to realizing a sustainable society through business and “management foundation” that supports JBS’s sustainable business growth, to aim to become a company that can continue to grow along with society by resolving social issues and providing social value.

    Material Issues

    JBS has identified a total of six material issues: four material issues concerning “business opportunities” that contribute to realizing a sustainable society through the resolution of social issues, and two material issues concerning the “management foundation” that supports the JBS Group’s sustainable business growth.

  • Material Issues

  • Material Issues of “Business Opportunities”

    Maximization of the Benefits of Cloud Solutions

    Driving Innovation

    Based on a global standard framework, JBS applies the necessary technologies in the optimal form to suit each customer so that customers can use innovative solutions swiftly and enjoy their various benefits such as improved economic productivity to the maximum.


    Realizing and Maintaining an IT Environment in Line with the Times

    Safe and Secure Social Infrastructure

    JBS supports the realization and maintenance of resilient infrastructure that backs customers’ sustainable growth through migration to a proved IT environment that allows customers to always conduct business safely and securely and continuous application of the latest security environment.


    Realization of Diverse Work Styles That Give All People Fulfilment

    Work Styles / Success

    In response to diversifying ways of communication, JBS proposes new work styles that combine the digital and real through the latest technologies and supports the realization of diverse work styles that lead to the wellbeing of individuals.


    Contributing to Being Carbon Negative Through Collaborative Creation with Partners


    JBS collaborates with leading tech companies on their environmental initiatives and contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by reducing CO2 emissions of customers through the use of cloud solutions.


    Material Issues Concerning the “Management Foundation”

    Fostering Dependable Cloud Professionals


    JBS continues its unstinted investment in creating an environment that allows employees to flourish to the maximum in order to foster cloud native talent that can cultivate relationships of trust with customers, aiming to maximize the value we provide to customers.


    Cultivating a Corporate Culture That Allows Every Employee to Maximize Their Individuality


    JBS cultivates a corporate culture that maximizes the abilities of the organization and personnel by creating an office environment in which each and every employee mutually respects each other’s values and establishing systems that allow them to exert the maximum performance.


    Material Issues Identification Process

    STEP 1 Extracting Issues

    We look into social issues from the viewpoint of business opportunities and management foundation, and extract the issues that JBS should engage with through SDGs, GRI, etc. and the values we should create by solving them.

    STEP 2 Assessing Importance

    We assess the items extracted in STEP 1 for importance as our engagement themes and issues based on the two axes of “importance to stakeholders” and “importance to JBS’s business”.

    Assessing Importance

    STEP 3 Confirming Validity

    We consider, with the outside directors and President and CEO, the importance of the themes and issues identified in STEP 1 and STEP 2.

    STEP 4 Identifying Material Issues

    We consider JBS’s initiatives linked to the material issues identified through STEP 1 to STEP 3. Going forward, we will organize a sustainability promotion committee to set KPIs and conduct PDCA.

    JBS Value Creation Process

    At JBS, we contribute to realizing customers’ business outcomes and a sustainable society through cloud-based, continuous support for DX effect creation.

  • JBS Value Creation Process

  • Source of Competitive Power

    JBS has been dramatically improving its competitive power by focusing on fostering social capital, human capital, and intellectual capital, and continuously engaging in efforts such as system reform in order to generate new social value and corporate value and maximize the abilities of the organization and human resources.

    Social Capital

    Social Capital

    Aiming to realize our corporate philosophy of “bringing the best technology to everyone, everywhere,” we engage in generating new social value and corporate value. In order to provide the optimal service as a multi-vendor, we utilize our partnerships with leading tech companies to support our customers side by side from designing to creating upstream value.

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    Human Capital

    Human Capital

    We position people as our biggest management resource. In order to maximize the abilities of the organization and human resources, we have advanced system overhauls and environment development as investment into people. In order to remain a company that is chosen not only by the market and customers but by people as well, we will increase the number of those with cloud-related qualifications and recommend further upskilling, while also preparing diverse career paths.

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    Intellectual Capital

    Intellectual Capital

    We engage in company reforms as a cloud native company actually using cloud services. Through this real showcase approach, we engage in not only building implementation and operation knowhow but also new business development stemming from the latest technology and ideas from employees. In order to realize the resolution of issues at an early stage, we aim to provide the best, easier to use services.

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