Environmental & Quality Policies

Environmental Policy

Ⅰ. Fundamental Principles

The JBS Group is founded on a “Customer First” mentality: all of our resources are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. We recognize that environmental issues are long-term problems with a global scope that impact future generations. We prioritize efficient use of our limited resources and value our connections with the natural world. We at the JBS Group, working together with our employees and their families as well as the community and our clients, recognize that environmental preservation begins at home and do our utmost to help conserve the environment.

Ⅱ. Basic Policies

In conducting business at home and abroad, the JBS Group adheres to the following principles and strives to realize the following environmental ideals:

  1. Fundamental attitude toward the environment

    All employees of the JBS Group and their families, as well as our partner businesses and their employees, follow our policies and act with sufficient regard for environmental preservation.

  2. Compliance with environmental laws

    We comply with environmental laws in Japan and around the world.

  3. Efficient use of resources & energy

    We carefully examine our use of resources and energy and strive to use them efficiently.

  4. Contribution to the development of a recycling-oriented society

    We work promote recycling, work to reduce the waste produced in the course of business, and strive to help create a recycling-oriented society.

  5. Promotion of environmentally-sustainable projects

    We work together with our partners and do our utmost to promote environmentally-sustainable projects and contribute to the reduction of the environmental burden on society.

  6. Disclosure of environmental policies

    The environmental policies by which the JBS group operates are widely publicized and available for everyone to read.

April 1, 2014
Japan Business Systems Inc.
President & CEO Yukihiro Makita

Quality Policy

Here at the JBS Group, out goal is to follow a Customer First mindset where all of our resources are dedicated to the satisfaction of our customers. We strive to be a best partner to our clients and offer the optimum systems and highest-quality service. Our goal is always to offer information systems with great strategic & practical value to our clients—so we work our hardest and capitalize on our technological know-how and wealth of experience to provide high-level IT service and continue to improve quality in every aspect.

  1. We offer high-level technical expertise and IT service to satisfy our clients.
  2. We are constantly vigilant regarding accident prevention so that we may offer our customers reliable IT service.
  3. We work proactively to improve the quality of the IT service we offer to our clients.
  4. We meet IT industry standards and offer a wide variety of services: information security, quality control, project management, IT service management, and more. We strive for efficiency and continually standardize & optimize our business procedures.

April 1, 2014
Japan Business Systems Inc.
President & CEO Yukihiro Makita

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