JBS Releases Implementation Consulting Service for Using ChatGPT Safely to Avoid Confidential Information Leakage Risks



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President: Yukihiro Makita; hereinafter, “JBS”) released the AIplicity Chat Powered by ChatGPT API (hereinafter, “AIplicity Chat”), a consulting service to safely and swiftly implement the GPT technology that is currently a hot topic in the corporate world. By providing consulting that resolves your worries about the implementation of GPT-related technology and a Chat GPT app that avoids confidential information leakage risks, JBS supports safe and speedy GPT implementation. The name of this service was selected from among candidates suggested by ChatGPT itself. It is a neologism combining the words “AI” and “simplicity” and it expresses our desire to ensure that everyone can use AI to work more efficiently.

Service Development Background

Among the ever-evolving generative AI systems of recent years, the appearance of ChatGPT by American OpenAI caused the use of chatbots for business to spread rapidly. However, there have been concerns about the confidentiality of information in ChatGPT and reports of organizations prohibiting its use have also made the news.
Against this backdrop, JBS has seen an increase in inquiries such as “we want to start using it and not fall behind other companies, but is there a safe way to use it?” and “how should we start considering its use internally?” indicating a need for implementation consulting that responds to customers’ questions and concerns. Additionally, for customers who have received consultation and want to start using it immediately, JBS can also provide the AIplicity Chat app, for which chat data will not be utilized for secondary learning. We can help you start using chatbots free of worries.

What Is AIplicity Chat?

It consists of the following two services.

  1. Implementation consulting: a consulting service to explain the basic mechanism of GPT-related technology and resolve issues such as how to implement it while avoiding risks such as information leakage.
  2. AIplicity Chat Powered by ChatGPT API app: a ChatGPT app that you can start using immediately in a safe and closed environment within the company
    • The app is an option offered to customers who have received consulting.
  1. Implementation consulting
    Monthly fee: from 860,000 yen (tax excluded)
    The fee will depend on the frequency and period of meetings which are held on a weekly basis.
  2. AIplicity Chat Powered by ChatGPT API app
    Initial fee: 3,000,000 yen (tax excluded)
    Monthly fee: depends on your Microsoft Azure (hereinafter, “Azure”) usage contract and usage volume. JBS’s usage track record can be provided as reference information upon request.

Why the AIplicity Chat App Is Safe and Secure

The functions of the AIplicity Chat app are similar to those of ChatGPT, such as sentence generation, summarizing, correction, translation, program generation, etc. However, AIplicity Chat uses Azure OpenAI Service, which accumulates chat data within the Azure tenant contracted with each company. Microsoft clearly states that Azure OpenAI Service does not use customer data for AI model learning purposes, enabling its use while avoiding the risk of confidential information leakage.

  • Provision of the Mechanism for Browsing Knowledge from Internal Data as PoC

    JBS has also started the PoC of the mechanism to browse knowledge from the data accumulated within your company (documents, e-mails, response logs, etc.) through chat combining Azure OpenAI Service and Azure Cognitive Search. We also provide a service to support customers in utilizing their own internal data in a phased manner.

    We have received the following endorsement from Microsoft Japan regarding the release of this service.

    Microsoft Japan wholeheartedly welcomes the launch of JBS’s service of AIplicity Chat for enterprises.
    Microsoft Japan concluded a strategic partnership with OpenAI in 2019 and we are engaging in collaboration toward the acceleration of the development of AI. As part of this initiative, we announced the general provision of Azure OpenAI Service in January 2023.
    JBS, a company that has achieved Azure Expert Managed Services Provider (MSP), the top-level Azure partner certification, provides services using Azure OpenAI Service that make it possible for many enterprises to safely use AI chat services, and we expect it to further drive the use of AI chat services in business.
    Going forward, Microsoft Japan will provide further services using AI through a strong partnership with JBS and in so doing contribute to the digital transformation of society.

    Tadashi Okazaki
    Managing Executive Officer, GM Cloud & Solution Unit
    Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

    Upholding a vision as “No.1 Cloud Integrator leading the world of DX,” JBS believes that employees experiencing and utilizing technologies for themselves enables them to provide customers with valuable support. The AIplicity Chat released today is already being used by all JBS employees and the learning gained from it will be utilized for planning new services and functional improvements.

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