JBS Started Providing a Service for Operation Preparation Support —For Peace of Mind When Using Microsoft Power Platform—



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President: Yukihiro Makita; hereinafter, “JBS”) started providing “Operation Start Guide for Microsoft Power Platform” as a service for supporting preparation for operation of Microsoft Power Platform(*) (hereinafter, “Power Platform”).

  • What is Microsoft Power Platform? : A low-code development platform for introducing required business mechanisms by linking with and expanding the functions of applications such as Microsoft 365 Apps and Microsoft Teams.

Background of Service Provision

Power Platform is a product in which employees themselves use low-code development to implement and use the necessary functions.
Therefore, if you start using the service without preparing for operation in accordance with the usage policy, you may encounter a variety of risks in terms of security and resource management.

  • Risk of information leakage due to unintentional external disclosure of confidential data through a created application
  • Risk that the administrator will be unable to manage applications created by individual employees and that the data storage field will gradually become tighter

JBS started providing this service not only to support customers who will introduce Power Platform in the future, but also for customers who have already started using Power Platform but feel worry/anxiety regarding omissions, etc., in operation and settings. JBS seeks to provide peace of mind to all users.

Provision Plan

Operation Start Guide for Microsoft Power Platform is a service that supports preparing in a short period of time for the operations required to use Power Platform with peace of mind.
JBS offers a Guidebook Plan with documents that summarize standard policies and settings for speedy start-up, and a Review Support Plan in which JBS engineers participate in the review and prepare for operation according to the customer’s usage policy.

Guidebook Plan

This plan provides documents that summarize the standard usage of Power Platform as envisioned by JBS.

  • ガイドブックプラン

  • Review Support Plan

    This plan supports the customer’s own unique operation preparation by reviewing and designing the policy based on the customer’s usage image.

  • 検討支援プラン

  • Price

    Guidebook Plan

    850,000 yen

    Review Support Plan

    JBS will continue to strive to contribute to the sustainable growth of companies and society through technological innovation realized by strong collaboration with partners such as Microsoft.

    Reference: Online Seminar Information

    No Mistakes!—Seminar Series Explaining Steps for Introducing Power Platform

    Second Installment: Key Points of License Selection and Operation Management
    Date & Time: February 3 (Thurs), 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
    This seminar series is for both people who are already using Power Platform and those who are considering usage. Seminars focus on each phase from initial introduction to full-scale deployment. The seminar series explains Power Platform from a variety of perspectives; for example, it covers what items should be considered in each phase and what points require special attention, and provides tips for successfully guiding the introduction.
    In the Second Installment, JBS delivers a two-part seminar focused on testing (preparing the environment, creating an app, and testing), which is the initial step of introducing Power Platform.

    Online Seminar Information

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