In Recognition of its Support for Using and Adopting Microsoft Teams for Customers, JBS Wins Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year Award for Eighth Year Running - Wins the Newly-Established Adoption & Change Management Award -



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) won the Adoption & Change Management Award at Empower Partner Days 2020 hosted by Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Microsoft Japan”) on August 26, 2020. With this award, JBS has won at Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year for eight consecutive years.

Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year is an event in which Microsoft selects partner companies that have achieved excellent results in 21 categories from among Microsoft Partner Network participating companies, and the Adoption & Change Management Award is a new category established in FY2020. It is awarded to partners who have achieved outstanding performance for the provision of services and solutions using Microsoft Teams, a Microsoft team collaboration tool, and continuously create business value.

  • マイクロソフト ジャパン パートナー オブ ザ イヤー 2020

  • JBS has been providing true work style reforms to companies through its Work Style Reform Service* series which supports companies from the initial stages of considering measures through to adopting a new work style within a company, visualizing the effects of measures, to actually making the reforms take root.

    The reason for JBS winning this award is as follows.

    Against the backdrop of recent challenges comprising not only system “implementation,” but system “use and adoption,” JBS launched an expert Adoption & Change Management team to provide more detailed support for customers’ requests. Additionally, at an early stage JBS advanced the acquisition of Prosci® change management practitioner certification, a global standard change management certification, and 12 certified consultants work to support companies’ system use and adoption. As a result, JBS has realized the adoption of Microsoft Teams at over thirty companies already.

    Microsoft Japan gave JBS the following endorsement for this award.

    Microsoft Japan wholeheartedly congratulates JBS on winning the Microsoft Japan Partner of the Year 2020 Adoption & Change Management Award.
    JBS has worked side by side with many Japanese companies and users to advance the use and adoption of Microsoft Teams. In the “new normal” in which remote work will be mainstream, Microsoft Teams is essential for a work style that maintains and improves productivity. We hope that JBS will take this award as an incentive to harness their experience and knowledge to date to further develop activities to adopt Microsoft Teams as a basis for communication and collaboration for companies.
    Going forward Microsoft Japan will continue to contribute to advancing customers’ digital transformation through a strong partnership with Japan Business Systems, Inc.

    Taro Hiyama
    Managing Executive Officer
    One Commercial Partner
    Microsoft Co., Ltd.

    JBS will take this award as further incentive to focus our efforts even more as a business partner that supports its customers to offer solutions and services that realize companies’ digital transformation.

    • About the JBS Work Style Reform Service series
      • Work Style Reform Consulting Service (released on July 22, 2019)
        We consider the opinions of various stakeholders in your work style reform and define a reform theme that is unique to you. We provide wide-ranging support, from considering IT measures in line with the theme to setting the KPIs necessary for monitoring the effects as well as considering measures to embed the new work style in the company. (We do not measure KPIs.)
      • Work Style Reform Effect Visualization Support Service (released on November 29, 2019)
        This service provides support to ensure that work style reforms become firmly embedded and are not treated just a temporary measure. We measure the effects of IT measures implemented by a company to realize work style reform according to KPIs, or in other words visualize the effects, and plan the next step to realize true work style reform.
        • This service is no longer available.
      • Work Style Reform Use & Adoption Support Service for Office 365 (released on December 19, 2019)
        JBS aims to achieve thorough use of Office 365 by users and adoption based on the change management method to smoothly advance reform at companies and organizations and lead them to business success.
        • This service is no longer available.
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