Realizing true work style reform with a people-based approach

Work Style Reform Consulting Service

“We introduced a tool to reform our work style, but there hasn’t been any effect.” “Each department is doing its own thing to tackle work style reform.” These comments are just some of the common problems facing work style reforms. JBS supports your reforms in a way that matches your company culture and employees’ work style based on the experience we have gained from our own reforms.

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Service Overview

This is a consulting service offered from an IT perspective. Combining both HR measures and general affairs measures, we advance overall work style reform. By supporting everything from the formation of a vision necessary for reform through to investigating and analyzing the current situation, considering measures, and planning, our consulting assists you to realize work style reform that will help you achieve your goals.

Geared towards customers who have the following concerns about work style reform

Each department is doing its own thing to tackle work style reform and it isn’t a company-wide activity.

Because we are moving without having set a target vision for work style reform, each department is acting separately.

Reform has been limited to discussing the introduction of IT tools and the discussion hasn’t reached the topic of employees’ work style reform.
IT ツール導入の議論に とどまってしまい、社員の 「働き方改革」の話にならない

Because measures that are the actual means of reform are being considered without first discussing the target work style reform, we aren’t sure what the measures are for.

We want to undertake work style reform along with an office relocation or IT infrastructure overhaul.
オフィス移転や IT インフラ刷新に合わせて 「働き方改革」に取り組みたい

We want to match our new office/ systems to the work style reform concept.

With JBS!

Support for all the necessary things needed for reform
変革に必要なものを トータルでサポート

We clarify the vision that expresses the way you want to work through work style reform, a concept to that end, and KPIs used to assess the reform. Based on a common vision and concept, you will be able to realize an effective work style reform with HR, IT, and general affairs working together.

People-based reform approach
「人」を起点とした 変革アプローチ

Work style reform is not realized by introducing tools alone. JBS creates an optimal work style scenario for your employees that is truly centered on the realities for working people. Additionally, we provide total support from considering various IT measures in order to realize your reform to measures for the reform to take root, measuring effects, and introduction planning.

Track record of introducing work style reform at JBS
JBS で実施したワーク スタイル変革導入の実績

JBS conducted its own work style reform when relocating its office, overhauling the IT environment as well as the office environment and reviewing systems. Harnessing the knowledge and rich know-how gained from that experience, we provide consulting and systems proposals.

Service flow

With a full understanding of the wishes of the various stakeholders involved in your work style reform, we define a theme for reform that is unique to your company. From considering IT measures in line with the theme and setting the necessary KPIs for monitoring effect, through to considering measures to ensure that the new work style takes root in the company, we provide across-the-board support. We can also help to form a plan for actions to put the outcomes of considerations immediately into practice in the implementation phase along with devising measures to introduce and embed the necessary IT systems.

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