JBS Launches Collaboration Diagnosis Service with Microsoft Workplace Analytics to Analyze Accumulated Microsoft 365 Data in Six Weeks and Promote Data-Driven Workplace Reforms



Japan Business Systems, Inc.(Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) launched Collaboration Diagnosis Service with Microsoft Workplace Analytics, a service that uses Microsoft Japan’s Microsoft Workplace Analytics to analyze the accumulated data of Microsoft 365 used by customer companies and visualize the work styles of organizations, on May 29, 2020. With a track record of handling the implementation of numerous Microsoft’s cloud solutions and comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft products, JBS visualizes opportunities for and effects of work style reforms in a short period of six weeks through this service that makes a step forward for data-driven work style reforms.

Many companies are joining the trend of work style reforms and taking various measures in order to make collaborative work more productive. More and more of such companies are implementing Microsoft 365. The strengthening of business continuity plans as a measure against the recent pandemic and six-months’ free use of Microsoft Teams have also provided a boost, increasing the number of enquiries to JBS. However, in most cases, within the companies of customers who are actively moving forward with implementation, customers are unable to visualize how employees are conducting collaborative work and whether they are working efficiently.

In response, as a long-time partner of Microsoft that created the first domestic example of Microsoft Workplace Analytics*1 in 2018, based on the thinking that analyzing the data accumulated in Microsoft 365 using Microsoft Workplace Analytics and visualizing the actual situation of collaborative work would be useful to companies’ work style reforms, JBS has made it into a service.

  • 1 Microsoft Workplace Analytics
    Microsoft Workplace Analytics is a cloud-based service that provides insight into communication styles, tendencies, and efficiency by combining the metadata of employees’ e-mails, schedules, online meetings, and instant messages accumulated in Microsoft 365 with organizational data. Licenses are provided for Microsoft 365 E1, E3, and E5 environments.

By gaining hints for an organization’s work style from the visualized data, it becomes easier to decide the assessment axes for work style reforms, such as by learning the organization’s communication and collaboration tendencies, making it easier to set KPIs for measures to be implemented.

Characteristics and Provision Steps for Collaboration Diagnosis Service with Microsoft
Workplace Analytics

This service is the fourth in the well-received work style reform services of JBS consulting services. It places emphasis on allowing customers who have implemented work style reform services to run an effective PDCA cycle for their work style reform after implementation.

Provision Features


We estimate the opportunities for improving work styles and the size of their effects.
We analyze work styles from Microsoft 365 data using Microsoft Workplace Analytics. We then identify the potential business effects by improving work styles.


We report on the organization’s work styles based on four analysis themes.

  • Excessive collaboration
  • Unbalanced workload and time commitment
  • Highly effective management
  • Siloed and rigid organizations

We provide analysis knowledge in the form of workshops and training on the use of Microsoft Workplace Analytics.

Support Process

We prepare an analysis environment and report on analysis results in six weeks.

Support Process

We prepare an analysis environment and report on analysis results in six weeks.

  • Support Process

  • Report Provision Example
  • Report Provision Example

  • Price

    3,000,000 JPY
    - The license fee for Microsoft Workplace Analytics is not included.
    - Please enquire if the number of target users is 1,000 or more.

    Microsoft Corporation gave JBS the following endorsement for this announcement.

    Microsoft Corporation wholeheartedly welcomes the release of Collaboration Diagnosis Service with Microsoft Workplace Analytics by JBS.
    Many companies are implementing Microsoft 365 and are trying to improve how their teams communicate and collaborate using Microsoft Teams, etc. However, with the ease of implementation unique to cloud services can backfire, with many companies realizing after implementation that they have not established a method to measure the effects. There have been reports of implemented services going to waste as a result of users who are inexperienced with their operation or teams that have not been able to fully utilize products being overlooked. Using Collaboration Diagnosis Service with Microsoft Workplace Analytics by JBS, who quickly obtained certification in Prosci® change management certification, a global standard change management certification,*2 we hope that you will identify more effective ways for teams to work and that Microsoft 365 will contribute to improved productivity in Japanese companies.

    Mike Baum
    Business Development Leader, Workplace Intelligence
    Microsoft Corporation

    • 2 Change management
      Change management is a management method to smoothly advance reform at companies and organizations and lead them to success. With the momentum of work style reforms and changes in technology in recent years, more and more companies in Japan are incorporating this method.

    Reference: What Is Change Management?

    JBS will continue to use the knowledge and techniques honed by enterprise and its strong partnership with Microsoft Japan to support the realization of customers’ further business growth and digital transformation going forward.

    Collaboration Diagnosis Service with Microsoft Workplace Analytics


    About JBS’s Work Style Reform Service Series

    Work Style Reform Consulting Service(released on July 22, 2019)
    We consider the opinions of various stakeholders in your work style reform and define a reform theme that is unique to you. We provide wide-ranging support from planning IT measures in line with the theme to setting the KPIs necessary for monitoring the effects, as well as planning measures to make the new work style take root within the company.(We do not measure KPIs.)

    Work Style Reform Effect Visualization Support Service(released on November 29, 2019)
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    • This service is no longer available.

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    • This service is no longer available.
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