Introducing Points for Switching to Windows 10 Utilizing Desktop as a Service (DaaS) in Multiple Media



Following the article released on January 31, an article titled “Cloud or On-Premise—Why the Switch to Windows 10 Is the Perfect Time to Introduce VDI” was released today on members-only media, TechTarget Japan and Keyman’s Net by ITmedia Inc., which provide information to support the introduction and purchase of IT products and services to key persons involved in companies’ information systems.

TechTarget Japan

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Keyman’s Net

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The article released today proposes the merits of introducing so-called Desktop as a Service (DaaS), which procures virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on a cloud from the viewpoint of the efficiency of switching to Windows 10 to customer companies that have not used Microsoft Azure up to now.

In the article, Rie Shirata , Assistant Manager of the Platform Solutions Department, Technology Solutions Division, IT Solutions Business Unit, JBS, introduces the points to consider when introducing DaaS.

DaaS not only realizes various working styles for employees, it also has the merit of reducing security risks and management man-hours. However, many customers have concerns about performance and various other aspects in placing their desktop environment on a cloud. So JBS offers a VMware Horizon Cloud PoC Environment Building Service that makes it possible to realize proof of concept (PoC) by building an assessment VDI environment within Microsoft Azure in a minimum of three weeks.

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