With a wealth of corporate experience implementing VDI, JBS builds a PoC environment to verify Horizon Cloud.

VMware Horizon Cloud PoC Environment Building Service

With a wealth of corporate experience implementing VDI, JBS builds a PoC environment to verify Horizon Cloud.
Real-environment verification enables derivation of a feasible, ready-to-implement system and optimal design.

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Service Overview

JBS’s wealth of experience implementing VDI ensures support for verification of systems ready for implementation in the customer’s environment.Construction of a Horizon Cloud PoC environment customized in conjunction with the client enables JBS to confirm potential of meeting VDI requirements

Optimal design for full-scale rollout
Planning for optimal operational method
System feasibility study
Realistic investment forecast

Horizon Cloud features

Horizon Cloud is a product issued by VMware that offers Horizon management server functions, conventionally managed by the customer, as a cloud-based service.

  • Horizon Cloud の特長

  • Advantages to pairing with Microsoft Azure

    Scalability Easy to change number of PCs
    Reduces costs for initial setup Eliminates need for new management server
    Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Location-free
    Reduces management load Reduces managed equipment

    Configuration Information

    Environment construction varies according to presence of a linked Active Directory in the client environment.

    Active Directory link patterns

    With link

    Customers wishing to link their existing Active Directory to the Azure environment need to establish an Express Route or VPN. This enables verification in a closer approximation to the actual environment.

    Without link

    If linking is not necessary, Express Route and/or VPN are not required for initial establishment of Microsoft Entra ID on Azure. Verification can be carried out without influencing the customer’s environment.

    Common to both patterns
    Service form VMware Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure
    Desktop environment Microsoft Azure (AVD)
    Hardware requirement None
    Microsoft Azure contract required
    OS Windows 10 (Virtual desktop)
    Windows Server 2012 R2, 2016 (Published desktops; published applications)
    Implementation period 3+ weeks (from meeting with client for requirements to environment handover)
    • Must provide group policy, organizational unit, and user account required for VDI. Additionally, customers are responsible for adjustments to their existing Active Directory environment.
    • Customers are responsible for costs associated with usage of the Microsoft Azure environment (customer subscription fee).
    • An Express Route (a leased line linking the customer with Microsoft Azure) or VPN line is a prerequisite, and requires a separate cost estimate.
    • Azure Active Directory has been renamed Microsoft Entra ID.Resource
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