Make Cloud E-Mail Environment Development Easy

Smart Start for Exchange Online

Smart Start for Exchange Online is a service to introduce an e-mail and scheduling system adopting best practices derived from JBS’ implementation track record. Additionally, it will allow customers who have not started using Office 365 yet to start using it easily and in a short time.

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Service Overview

The design will be completed with some advance preparation such as having the customer register the necessary DNS for environment implementation and answering a simple assessment sheet. The Exchange Online environment development and cloud ID development on Microsoft Entra ID will be conducted in ten business days after the completion of the customer’s work at the earliest.

E-mail Usage

  • メール利用

  • Schedule Usage

  • 予定表利用

  • Service Merits

    This is a package service with the merits of being able to use an e-mail and scheduling system that is easier to manage and easier to use based on JBS’ development track record and knowledge.

    Minimizes Your Work

    Your work will be completed just by conducting the various settings (DNS registration, etc.) necessary to switch e-mail systems in your environment and answering an assessment sheet.

    Provision of an E-Mail and Scheduling System Based on JBS’ Track Record and Knowledge
    JBS 実績と知見に基づくメール・ 予定表システム環境の提供

    We adopt what JBS considers the best practices in Japanese corporations derived from analyzing services delivered to over 400,000 users.

    Environment Development Based on the Latest Information at the Time of Purchase

    We support function updates characteristic of clouds and conduct implementation based on the latest information at the time of purchase.

    Service Menu

    We offer not only the basic service of Exchange Online development, but also archive settings for audits for customers with Exchange Online Archiving, and the implementation of erroneous transmission countermeasures as an option.

  • サービスメニュー

    • 1 We will create cloud IDs for the necessary number of users entered in the assessment sheet at the time of starting to use the service.
    • 2 An E3 license or higher, or Exchange Online Archiving is necessary.

    Scope of Provision

    The functions of the site to be implemented can be seen in the operation specification sample as an implementation sample. Please enquire.

  • 提供スコープ

  • Standard Usage Device

  • 標準利用端末

    • Usage of the latest version as of the time of service provision will be standard.

    Suitable for These Customers

    • Budget of within 5 million yen
    • Uses standard functions only
    • Want to develop within ten business days!
      • Excluding lead time for signing a contract, etc.
    • Azure Active Directory has been renamed Microsoft Entra ID.Resource

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