JBS offers one-stop support for the implementation of new virtual infrastructure from assessment, planning, building to operation.

HPE SimpliVity 380 Backup & DR Solution

JBS offers one-stop support for the implementation of new virtual infrastructure from assessment, planning, building to operation. We can offer proposals for requirements such as the backup of virtual machines, backup to remote sites, disaster recovery measures, as well as server migration and data transfer.

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Service Overview

About HPE SimpliVity 380

HPE SimpliVity 380 is a hyper-converged infrastructure (HDI) offered by HPE.It is ideal for virtual server infrastructures and virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI).

HPE SimpliVity 380

Features of HPE SimpliVity
  • Realizes excellent deduplication with a dedicated hardware accelerator
  • Backups and disaster recovery measures (hereinafter “DR”) also supported
  • Use of UI and functions in a familiar VMware vSphere virtual infrastructure environment possible
  • Reduction in installation space required and high expandability
  • Initial cost reduction and small starts possible

JBS offers one-stop support from assessing the implementation of a virtual infrastructure environment using SimpliVity and implementation of PoC, to planning, building and operation.
For implementation, JBS offers backup environment building and DR environment building services as well as server migration and data transfer services. JBS can also provide support when assessing post-implementation expansion.

Service Benefits

JBS offers implementation service once the customer has experienced and verified what SimpliVity is like and whether it suits their requirements. In addition to building the environment for a new virtual infrastructure, we can also provide migration work.

Support for Implementation Assessment

We offer support for calculating the necessary resources for implementation or assessing the building of new infrastructure.

PoC1:SimpliVity Verification Support

We build verification environments and conduct verification with actual data for compression experience and backup.

PoC2:Migration Verification Support

We conduct verification for server migration and data transfer to a virtual infrastructure.

Implementation Service

We plan and build the environment for new virtual infrastructure.

Migration Service

We conduct migration design and undertake migration work for the new virtual infrastructure.

Expansion Assessment Support

We support assessment for expansion such as added nodes and site expansion.

Service Flow

Assessment Phase

We assess the necessary hardware specifications for the system to be implemented and conduct testing of the functions to be mounted. We also offer support for assessment using existing machines for PoC.

Planning and Implementation Phase

We identify the necessary assessment items for implementation and plan the hardware and operating system. In accordance with the planning policy, we implement and test the infrastructure.

Migration Phase

We conduct migration design and undertake migration work from the old environment and server to the new infrastructure. Implementing the migration design based on the server and data to be migrated, we adopt the ideal method such as P2V, V2V, or data transfer.


We ask about customer requirements such as added nodes, expanding the site, or expanding functions depending on the particular system usage situation and propose optimized measures.

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