Why don’t you get assessed to see whether you can switch to Azure?

Azure Lift & Shift Compatibility Assessment Service

Switch from Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 to Azure and receive three years of extended support (security patches)! This service is aimed at customers who are considering a switch to Azure. Why don’t you get assessed to see whether you can switch to Azure?

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Service Overview

Post-Azure Migration Assessment Report Image
Azure 移行アセスメントレポート

Assessment Items
  • OS version
  • HW specs
  • Availability
  • Network
  • Software
  • Client
  • Related systems
  • Cloud compatibility
Report Sample
  • レポート例

  • Service Benefit

    By investigating whether your current systems’ operations will be supported on Azure and calculating the costs, you will be able to review smoothly whether to migrate.

    Determine which systems can be saved to Azure.
    Find out the running costs for migrating to Azure.
    Gain an image of the costs of migration work.

    Service Object

    Initial Consideration

    • Azure workshop


    • Current situation investigation
    • Migration advisability investigation
    • Estimated usage fee
    • Estimated work costs

    Migration Verification

    • Migration verification
    • Version update verification

    Infrastructure Development

    • Design
    • Development


    • File transfer
    • Data transfer


    Prerequisite Conditions

    • Response will be by e-mail or phone in principle and will include one visit. A maximum of two visits are available for an extra fee.
    • If the visit is to a site outside of Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama or Chiba, an estimate for travel and accommodation expenses will be made separately.
    • The assessment target server will have up to 100 units. (If the number exceeds 100 units, an estimate for the additional units will be made separately.)
    • Please enter all the information in the system building questionnaire and send it back.
    • The IP address and host name of the server to be migrated to Azure cannot remain the same.
    • Because this will be a migration assessment for Azure IaaS, migration assessment for PaaS is not included.
    • Linkage to other systems after migration to Azure will be assessed at the network layer. Assessment at the application layer will be quoted upon request.
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