Established JBS Overseas Study Scholarship



In cooperation with AFS Japan (Headquarters: Minato Ward, Tokyo; hereinafter, “AFS”), a public interest incorporated foundation that continues projects for intercultural understanding through a network of countries throughout the world, JBS has started the JBS Overseas Study Scholarship. This is a full scholarship for expenses incurred by students participating in AFS’s Full-Year Study Abroad Program(*). With the aim of creating new value from a global perspective and cultivating human resources who will continue to embrace new challenges, JBS will pay the full amount of program participation fees for three students every year.

The scholarship is available to students who wish to participate in the 70th term of the Full-Year Study Abroad Program, which departs in 2022.

For details, please refer to the following AFS website.

About the AFS Full-Year Study Abroad Program

The AFS Full-Year Study Abroad Program is an experience-based study program in which students live in a homestay and go to a local high school. This experience allows students to think about coexistence with different cultures and collaboration with diverse people.

AFS is active throughout the world with the aim of creating a society in which diverse people, cultures, and ways of thinking can coexist. Japan sends students to about 40 countries annually in collaboration with AFS partners around the world.

AFS Full-Year Study Abroad Program

  • AFS年間派遣プログラム

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