Creating Small Mechanisms Through Low-code Development Started Offering Workshops to Support the First Step of “Business Improvement by Employees” Using Microsoft Power Platform



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-Ward, Tokyo; President: Yukihiro Makita; hereinafter, “JBS”) has started offering a workshop entitled “First Step Guide for Microsoft Power Platform.”
This workshop is intended for professionals who are considering the introduction of Microsoft Power Platform (hereinafter, “Power Platform”) for improving daily business. In about three hours, trainees will learn a variety of topics ranging from an overview of Power Platform to usage methods.

  • What is Microsoft Power Platform?:A low-code development platform for introducing required business mechanisms by linking with and expanding the functions of applications such as Microsoft 365 Apps and Microsoft Teams.

The workshop provides solutions to questions encountered when attempting to utilize Power Platform; for example, “How can it be used?” and “How should I promote usage in our company?” Trainees will learn how to determine the appropriate steps for introduction at their company.
The workshop has the following three features.

  • Explanations are based on actual cases, so trainees learn while considering specific situations.
  • After gaining knowledge, trainees also receive hands-on experience. This enhances the learning effect and makes it possible to learn basic operations in a short time.
  • JBS explains Power Platform using examples of introduction measures that were actually implemented.
    This assists trainees in considering introduction steps that are appropriate for their companies.
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    “First Step Guide for Microsoft Power Platform”—Workshop Flow

  • Background of Service Provision

    A feature of Power Platform is the ability to create small mechanisms by yourself through low-code development. For issues noticed by employees working on-site, those employees themselves can create small apps to improve business and to automate routine processing. For that purpose, in addition to understanding Power Platform, it is important to consider the best way to use each component and how to combine components while referring to actual business.

    JBS believes that first learning about functions and then using the acquired knowledge in practice exercises create the desire to further use Power Platform, and will be a driving force for utilizing the platform in daily work.
    JBS has started providing “First Step Guide for Microsoft Power Platform“ as a service to support the first step of utilizing the platform. By using specific scenarios to deepen understanding, JBS believes that trainees will be able to expand their way of thinking and imagine utilization of the platform at their company.


    Number of Trainees: Up to 8 trainees
    Method of Holding: Held as a meeting on Teams
    Time: 2.5 to 3 hours per workshop
    Price: From 250,000 yen

    For more information about our services and conditions, please visit the following pages

    Firststep for Microsoft Power Platform

    Reference: Online Seminar Information

    No Mistakes!—Seminar Series Explaining Steps for Introducing Power Platform
    First Installment: Making It Natural to Use Power Platform—Learning the First Step for Spreading at Companies
    Date & Time: December 14 (Tues), 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm
    This seminar series is for both people who are already using Power Platform and those who are considering usage. Seminars focus on each phase from initial introduction to full-scale deployment. The seminar series explains Power Platform from a variety of perspectives; for example, it covers what items should be considered in each phase and what points require special attention, and provides tips for successfully guiding the introduction.
    In the first installment, JBS provides content to help all employees in resolving questions on how to start using Power Platform. These are questions that arise because Power Platform is so easy to use for all employees.

    No Mistakes!—Seminar Series Explaining Steps for Introducing Power Platform First Installment: Making It Natural to Use Power Platform—Learning the First Step for Spreading at Companies JBS Online Seminar Viewing Application Form | Japan Business Systems, Inc. (JBS)

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