JBS Releases Surface Hub as a Service, an All-Inclusive Service that Bundles the Loaning of Microsoft Surface Hub with Incidental Services Such as Training - Realizing Highly Productive Team Collaboration in Meetings without Owning Equipment -



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) released an all-inclusive service that combines the loaning of Surface Hub 2S devices, an interactive whiteboard for business offered by Microsoft, and original incidental services by JBS (initial settings, training for usage, and support services) on November 27, 2019. This service will enable users to make full use of a powerful team collaboration device equipped with a digital whiteboard, meeting platform, Microsoft Teams, and other Office 365 functions, harnessing their potential with ease and assurance to lead through to outcomes.

  • Surface Hub 2

  • JBS is a certified reseller of Surface Hub for business and has implemented the device for many customers to date. However, there have been cases in which customers decided not to move towards implementation due to not being able to own the device as an asset, as well as those who wanted to use it for only a limited period. In response to these needs, JBS has released a service that combines the loaning of the Surface Hub 2S device with support.

    Necessity of Collaboration Free From Set Working Hours or Place

    With the spread of work style reforms, the number of companies that are adopting systems to change the way office workers work such as teleworking is on the increase. Online meetings are also growing more common. On the other hand, they are required to produce operational outcomes that are not bound by working hours or the place where the work is done. Ingenious ways to communicate with members are being increasingly demanded for teams to collaborate regardless of where any of their members are, whether in a remote environment or at the office.

    What Is Surface Hub 2S?

    Surface Hub 2S, which is a Microsoft brand device, is a large-screen device that is equipped with Office 365, including Microsoft Teams which promotes team collaboration, and digital whiteboard app Microsoft Whiteboard, among other applications. Lighter by 40 percent (28 kg) compared to the conventional model, it comes with a dedicated stand with wheels and can be moved around easily like a whiteboard. Cordless use is also possible. It helps to realize high quality team collaboration that is not bound by time or place.

    Characteristics of Surface Hub as a Service

    The all-inclusive service for Surface Hub 2S by JBS has the following three characteristics.

    1. Possible to treat as off-balance expenses
      Unlike with financial leases and installment purchases, the monthly payments can be recorded as expenses.
    2. Reassuring support
      JBS, which is also a Surface Hub 2S user and has thorough knowledge of its merits and demerits, provides training for when you first start using it and backs this up with generous support during the contract term.
    3. Leave linkage with the Office 365 environment up to JBS
      Having an extensive track record with Microsoft solutions, JBS assists with the linkage of your existing systems and Surface Hub 2S, developing an environment so that you can use it on a daily basis.

    Overview of Surface Hub as a Service

    We have prepared two plans, a PoC plan and standard plan, depending on the customer’s needs.

    PoC plan

    We want to just try it first! For customers who want to try out Surface Hub 2S

    • Provision period: three months
    • Cost: 380,000 yen
    • Set description: device, support, and manual
    Standard plan

    We want to fully utilize it! For customers who want to get the most out of Surface Hub 2S

    • Provision period: 36 months
    • Initial cost: 600,000 yen, monthly cost: 98,000 yen
    • Set description: device, support, manual, initial settings, and training

    For details of the service, please visit the introduction site.

    Surface Hub as a Service

    JBS will continue to use the knowledge and techniques honed by enterprise and its strong partnership with Microsoft Japan to support the realization of customers’ further business growth and digital transformation going forward.

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    • All details in this press release are as of the date of the creation of this press release and may change without notice. The service may change in part or in its entirety, be cancelled, or become unimplementable due to various reasons.

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