Japan Business Systems Launches Provision of Managed Security Service for Microsoft Cloud App Security, Offering On-Target and Sustained Support for Safe Cloud Usage



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) is to launch the provision of Managed Security Service for Microsoft Cloud App Security on May 7, 2019, a total support service package for Microsoft Cloud App Security, a product provided by Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd. to visualize activity in cloud applications and realize their control and advanced information protection.

This service is a comprehensive solution that allows you to visualize the usage situation of cloud services and implement control and maintenance. JBS security experts conduct monitoring and analysis to support on-target and sustained safe cloud usage.

What is Microsoft Cloud App Security?

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a product that allows you to enhance visualization and maintain control of cloud applications without diminishing the merits that they provide.
By protecting important data on clouds while uncovering shadow IT, assessing risks, applying policies, investigating activities, and preventing threats, the organization maintains the control of important information while supporting its safe transfer to a cloud.

Merits of Managed Security Service for Microsoft Cloud App Security

  • It detects SaaS applications used within the company on Microsoft Cloud App Security. By visualizing the categories, names, and total numbers of SaaS applications using a database, it is possible for you to grasp their usage situation on a dashboard.
  • When a new SaaS application is used, that application information is detected and displayed on Microsoft Cloud App Security.
  • The visualized risks of SaaS applications can be scored by evaluation criteria set by Microsoft based on international standards for cloud security.
  • It can gather activity logs for Office 365 services.
  • In accordance with the contents of the activity logs, you can set alarms and control them on a policy basis.
  • マネージドセキュリティサービス for Microsoft Cloud App Security サービスメニュー

  • Comprehensive Managed Security Services by JBS for the Ever-Expanding Microsoft 365 Enterprise

    This service was released as the third round of comprehensive managed security services offered by JBS for modern workplace security products included in Microsoft 365 Enterprise, following the release of

    • Managed Security Service for Windows Defender ATP (launched on November 1, 2018) and
    • Managed Security Service for Azure Active Directory Identity Protection (launched on February 12, 2019)

    Cyber kill chain-based multilayer protection products (Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Active Directory Identity Protection, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud App Security, etc.) that are provided in Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 enable you to use a cloud-oriented business environment centered on Office 365 securely. Based on the concept that sustained and on-target operation is essential in order to use these products effectively, JBS is rolling out menus to handle total operation of Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 on your behalf, aiming to reduce operational burden and improve security levels.

  • 拡充を続ける Microsoft 365 Enterprise の包括的な JBS マネージドセキュリティサービス

  • Going forward, JBS plans to provide managed security services for Azure Advanced Threat Protection, etc., which protect companies from high-level and wide-ranging cyberattacks and internal threats, on the back of its experience in security solutions and managed services honed by Enterprise and strong partnership with Microsoft Japan.

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