Japan Business Systems Starts Delivering "Targeted Attack Mail Training Service" including pseudo-phishing mail and security training
- Sophos leverages the service infrastructure of “Sophos Phish Threat” to deliver training against the targeted attack mail.



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Director: Yukihiro Makita) announced today that they jointly launch "Targeted Attack Mail Training Service", which leverages the service infrastructure of "Sophos Phish Threat", on February 20, 2019. Built on the service infrastructure of "Sophos Phish Threat", the "Targeted Attack Mail Training Service" provides corporate users with training against targeted attack emails.

Phishing emails are becoming more sophisticated and complicated year by year, and security threats keep on increasing. In particular, targeted attack emails can be cited as a method of reporting many cases of damage such as extracting classified information and personal information. Among them, most of them are so-called "Broadcast-type" which sends suspicious e-mails with the same content to many unspecified users in the target enterprise.
Many companies have already implemented security measures against broadcast-type attacks, but it is actually difficult to defend such attacks only by technical measures such as deployment of equipment and systems. It is necessary to implement training like this service in parallel, to raise security awareness of each user in the targeted organization and to maintain high security consciousness.

Main features of "Targeted Attack Mail Training Service"

  1. It is capable of sending three different types of training emails including phishing type, authentication information, acquisition type and attached file type. JBS will provide editable email templates for each of the three email categories.
  2. By actually receiving training emails, users can more effectively recognize the fear of attacks and learn countermeasures than security lectures by classroom studies.
  3. JBS will provide training results such as total and individual email opening rates as CSV reports.

JBS entered a partner agreement with Sophos as a reseller in August 2018. In addition, in November 2018, the company entered a managed service provider (MSP) agreement with Sophos to provide Sophos comprehensive security services to their customers.

Hereafter, JBS and Sophos will continue to leverage their respective strength to further develop collaboration to offer best-optimized security for each customer.

  • This service is no longer available.
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