JBS Introduces Group Long-Term Disability (GLTD) Insurance Scheme as Part of Efforts to Create a Work Place Where Employees Can Work with a Sense of Security



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) introduced Group Long Term Disability (GLTD) insurance scheme on January 1, 2019 as part of efforts to create a work place where employees can work with a sense of security.

GLTD is a system to compensate employees for loss of income in the long term due to long-term leave of absence caused by injury or illness. The payment of compensation from public insurance such as disability allowance from health insurance is usually cut after a certain period. However, by subscribing to a GLTD insurance scheme, it is possible to compensate employees for 30 percent of their salary during a leave of absence due to injury or illness up to 60 years of age. (Exemption: 90 days)
In addition to the mandatory subscription for which the company pays the insurance premium, JBS will also introduce an optional subscription in which employees can increase their compensation amount individually as necessary.

In general, even though the economic risk entailed by employees not being able to work for long periods is serious, in the current situation, it is difficult for normal insurance to cover such risks. As part of its benefits program, JBS has introduced GLTD in order to create an environment in which employees can concentrate on medical treatment in the event of a major injury or illness without having to worry about their finances, thereby supporting their early return to work. Furthermore, by positioning the introduction of GLTD as part of employees’ safety net for situations in which they cannot work, it provides a sense of reassurance to employees that their living is secure.

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  • JBS will continue to strive to create an environment in which employees can work with a sense of security and provide even higher quality services to customers.

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