JBS Announces Managed Services for Microsoft 365 E5 Security Products - First Lineup: Starting Provision of Managed Security Services for Windows Defender ATP



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) from today, November 1, 2018, will start the provision of a total support service, Managed Security Services for Windows Defender ATP, for cyberattack countermeasures for company client PCs using security product Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (hereinafter “Windows Defender ATP”), provided by Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd.

JBS is planning to continue providing comprehensive managed services targeting Modern Workplace security products included in Microsoft 365 E5* and this service is being released as the first in the lineup. Through the provision of a series of managed services, JBS aims to reduce customers’ operational burden as well as improving security levels.

Windows Defender ATP, Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure ATP, Microsoft Cloud App Security, etc., which are cyber kill chain-based multilayer protection products, are provided for Microsoft 365 E5, and enable secure use of a cloud-oriented business environment centered on Office 365. Based on the idea that continuous and appropriate operation is essential for the effective use of such products, JBS has decided to offer total support in which customers can leave operation up to JBS.

Windows Defender ATP is an innovative cloud-based Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR, meaning it detects and responds to incidents on client PCs) product built into the OS. It is equipped with an automatic response function to security incidents and linked with Microsoft 365. Utilizing Microsoft’s security database, one of the world’s largest, and AI, it realizes an effective “offensive defense” as a comprehensive cyberattack countermeasure. As cyberattacks evolve on a daily basis, companies are being challenged to diversify their measures for client PCs. With this service, JBS, with its extensive knowledge of Microsoft solutions, effectively operates and manages Windows Defender ATP, which is gaining attention as an endpoint security measure, to protect company client PCs from high-level cyberattacks and provide strong support for appropriate post-attack response.

Monitoring and Analysis

Analysts monitor target PCs and analyze the threats and impacts expected from the alert contents. It is also possible to receive security advice about terminal protection as required.


If JBS analysts determine that there is danger from the detection of incidents, they implement primary response to minimize the impact of any incident.

Recurrence Prevention and Response
JBS detects possible threats in the organization using the functions of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint and other security products. In the case of an incident it is possible to provide proposals for everything from investigation to recurrence prevention.

If a company’s client PC that has Windows Defender ATP activated is subjected to a cyberattack, it will combine Microsoft’s wide-ranging data and data gathered by the client to analyze the attack and issue an alert. This alert will be received by JBS, which determines the security threat and risks and deal with the attack appropriately as needed as well as implement containment measures for serious incidents and support for recurrence countermeasures (optional service).

Service Menu

Standard Option
Security monitoring
  • Event monitoring
  • Event analysis
  • Monthly report (detailed) / on-site debriefing session
Security incident countermeasure support
  • Incident countermeasure support (emergency warning/ escalation)
  • Monthly report
Advanced services
  • Incident investigation
  • Incident recurrence prevention proposals
  • Policy setting support

By using this service which provides total support to make full use of the functions of Microsoft security solutions, from the implementation of Windows Defender ATP to operation management, various customizations, and linkage management with other Microsoft solutions, customers can outsource the increasingly complex security operation of their client PCs.

Price (not including tax)

Monthly: ¥400- /per terminal
*Excludes initial fee and optional services

Going forward, JBS plans to provide managed security services for Azure Advanced Threat Protection, etc., which protects companies from high-level and wide-ranging cyberattacks and internal threats, on the back of its experience in security solutions and managed services honed by Enterprise and strong partnership with Microsoft Japan.

  • Microsoft 365 is an intelligent integrated solution that supports working styles that improve creativity and teamwork and maximizes individuals’ and organizations’ performance in a safe and secure environment. It includes the latest integrated information-sharing cloud service, Office 365, the latest operating system, Windows 10, and ID-based security solution, Enterprise Mobility + Security. With Microsoft 365’s highest level plan for business use, Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5, functions can be used to support working styles that allow users to be active, such as Power BI, a data analysis tool, MyAnalytics, which offers points for improvement by visualizing working styles, a telephone system (cloud PBX) and telephone conference system that allows cloud-based telephone communication, and the latest security solution that allows users to prepare for unknown threats.
  • Azure, Microsoft Office 365, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
  • Microsoft 365 is the service of Microsoft Corporation.
  • The proper name of Windows is Microsoft Windows Operating System.
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