JBS and NSSOL Form a Business Partnership Aiming to Expand the Necessary Services for Companies’ Work Style Reforms



Launching Cooperation from Communications Collaboration Infrastructure Centering on Client Management and Security Measures

NS Solutions Corporation (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director & President: Munetaka Shashiki; hereinafter “NSSOL”) and Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) have concluded a business partnership in order to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for their office communications environment that utilize the strength of both companies. The two companies have already embarked on collaboration for actual cases centering on the provision of collaborative environments, client management, and high-level security measures.

In recent years, full-blown efforts for work style reforms have taken off nationwide and as the trend to realize work styles that accommodate individual circumstances such as child-rearing and nursing care gains momentum, companies are facing a pressing need to develop a business environment that balances employees’ convenience and security. Furthermore, the increase in burden and cost for client management such as PC terminals has become a major problem for IT departments due to security measures and the switchover to Windows 10.

In such circumstances, JBS has been providing many customers with client management solutions using Microsoft solutions and NSSOL has been providing client solutions and security solutions such as DaaS.

JBS has an extensive track record and one of the largest system engineer (SE) forces as the No. 1 partner of Microsoft, which has become the de facto standard in the IT environment at major companies. JBS’s capabilities are backed by the winning of the Microsoft Country Partner of the Year which is awarded by Microsoft to its best partner in Japan.

The M³DaaS@absonne client solution that NSSOL provides boasts a track record of having top share in the Japanese DaaS market for five years running. From terminal management to performance improvement, it provides total solutions for high-level client operations demanded by companies. NSSOL utilizes major virtualization technology vendor VMware’s VMware Horizon and Citrix’s XenApp and XenDesktop products, and has an extensive track record with a focus on large-scale cases. Furthermore, in security measures, along with its subsidiary Network Value Components Ltd. (Head Office: Yokosuka, Kanagawa; President: Takenori Otsubo; hereinafter “NVC”), NSSOL provides NSSEINT, which offers one-stop support for security systems from introduction, building, through to operation. Based on the customer’s current situation, it realizes the optimal security system for the customer by combining multiple solutions, including those by Imperva.

Utilizing the strengths of JBS and NSSOL, we will provide solutions centered on Microsoft 365, including client management and security measures, in addition to collaborative environments, in order to contribute to advancing customers’ work style reforms.

About This Collaboration

The two companies will advance collaborations in the following three domains based on expanding services in client management utilizing Microsoft solutions.

1. Collaboration

The necessity for an environment that enables smooth communication and collaboration and realizes improved convenience for employees is increasing every year at companies. Through collaboration centered on JBS’s Office 365 and other Microsoft solutions and NSSOL’s document management solutions, we will support large-scale customers’ platform-creation collaborations.

2. Client (DaaS / VDI)

In order to realize flexible work styles, an environment in which people can work anytime, anywhere, and on anything just as they do in their company office is extremely important. In particular, the DaaS / VDI service is an effective solution and NSSOL has an extensive track record in many large-scale projects. JBS provides PC terminal life cycle management and Windows 10-related services. Through the complementary services of the two companies, we will provide more customers with comfortable and safe client environments.

3. Security

When using cloud services not only is it imperative to ensure improved convenience for employees, it is also necessary to reduce the risk of information leakage. JBS has positioned Microsoft 365 E5 as its most important technology since its release and has an extensive track record in endpoint security combined with Windows 10 and EM+S. By further combining it with multiple NSSOLS solutions such as NVC’s NSSEINT and solutions from Imperva, we will provide not only endpoint security, but comprehensive security environments through collaboration with networks and data security products.

As our customers’ IT partners, JBS and NSSOL will provide IT environments that will continue to contribute to customers’ improved corporate value going forward and contribute to the progress of society.

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