A Team of JBS Employees Finishes with a High Ranking in ServiceNow Hackathon Japan Tokyo 2018 and Wins the Business Innovation Award.



On September 14, 2018, ServiceNow Hackathon Japan Tokyo 2018 was hosted by ServiceNow Japan. In this hackathon, contestants developed applications utilizing ServiceNow’s PaaS Now Platform. Of the 26 teams and 116 participants including LEON, a team consisting of JBS employees, LEON won third place. Receiving recognition for its performance, LEON won the Business Innovation category at Now Forum Tokyo held on October 17, 2018.

写真左から ServiceNow Japan株式会社 社長 村瀬 将思 様 JBS 事業企画本部 増田 哲也、富岡 政輝、重永 優、橋本 愛寸沙、末武 祥未 Senior Vice President DevOps & Global Head of Engineering, ServiceNow Pat Casey様

From left Masashi Murase, President ServiceNow Japan, Inc.Tsteuya Masuda, Masateru Tomioka,Yu Shigenaga, Azusa Hashimoto, Yasumi Suetake,Japan Business Systems, Inc.Pat Casey,Senior Vice President DevOps & Global Head of Engineering,ServiceNow, Inc.

Application Developed by JBS

JBS developed an application called Hoiku Now, which linked the Now Platform and Microsoft Azure, which is one of JBS’s strengths.
This application streamlines communications between day-care centers and parents/guardians which tends to be paper-based and cumbersome and encourage communication and collaboration. The application digitizes all communications such as contact information, emergency exchanges, and the purchase of photos, and realizes communication by mobile phone regardless of time or place.


Points That Were Highly Regarded

  1. Realizes work style reforms for both parents/guardians and day-care staff
  2. Reduces anxiety during emergency response

About the Hackathon

JBS will continue to utilize the latest IT technology in order to support the realization of customers’ digital transformation as a next generation innovation partner going forward.

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