JBS now offers Dell’s ProDeploy Client Suite as an optional PC lifecycle service



Japan Business Systems, Inc. (headquarters: Minato Ward, Tokyo; President: Yukihiro Makita; hereafter referred to as “JBS”), and Dell Japan Inc. (headquarters: Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture; President: Tomoyuki Hirate; hereafter referred to as “Dell”) announced today that JBS would begin offering Dell’s ProDeploy Client Suite (“PDC”) as a kitting option for its PC Lifecycle Service, which provides installation and management service to clients using Windows 10 and other Windows products.

The JBS Endpoint Service Center is a dedicated organization offering client product implementation and management services. Endpoint Service Center’s one-stop computer lifecycle service overseeing customer needs from implementation through PC disposal allows Dell computer customers to choose PDC as a kitting option. JBS is then positioned to support smooth implementation and migration of enterprise-ready Windows 10.

PDC is a service carried out on dedicated lines in Dell’s Xiamen, China (Amoy) plant producing Dell products specifically for Japan. The service handles imaging, kitting, and other processes required in the client PC implementation phase, completing portions of PC configuration and setup in accordance with customer needs and environment.

PDC not only replaces manual kitting with an automated process, but also allows computers to be delivered directly to customers from the Dell plant with initial setup already completed. With this super speedy and efficient Windows 10 implementation/migration, JBS is able to reduce the burden initialization tasks normally present to system administrators.

  • JBS PC Lifecycle Service
    PC Lifecycle Service supports all required processes involved in client product implementation projects, including management, planning, implementation, and operational improvements, ensuring smooth and efficient usage of client products by our customers.
  • DELL ProDeploy Client Suite

Thoughtful endorsement of JBS from Dell:

Dell is delighted with the recent announcement by JBS. We are deeply appreciative of the JBS decision to incorporate the Dell ProDeploy Client Suite into its PC Lifecycle Service. We expect the tie-up with JBS’s Endpoint Service Center and Dell’s client deployment team to automate and accelerate the implementation phase, an indispensable factor in client PC lifecycle services which will further free customers of troublesome PC management. Both companies continue to strive toward strengthening their partnership through collaborative development and marketing.

Dell Japan, Inc.
Tomoyuki Hirate, Representative Director and President

The current agreement between JBS and Dell facilitates a synergy and a partnership which we will continue to promote to strengthen services.

About Dell Japan

Dell Japan is this nation’s representative for Dell, Inc., an end-to-end solutions provider which holds a major share in the global market. The comprehensive IT solutions division offers support ranging from computer and mobile devices to core systems, cloud transitions, and security services.

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