JBS Advances Company-Wide Reforms through Analysis and Digitalization of Individuals’ and Organizations’ Working Styles Using AI


Reforms Based on Microsoft 365 E5 and Workplace Analytics

Japan Business Systems, Inc. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo); Representative: Yukihiro Makita, President; hereinafter “JBS”) will today, April 26, 2018, launch reforms for the further improvement of productivity through an analysis of individuals’ and organizations’ working styles using AI and company-wide reforms through digitalization with the cooperation of Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd. (Head Office; Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative: Takuya Hirano, President, hereinafter “Microsoft Japan”).

Under the corporate philosophy of “Customer First,” JBS supports customers using ICT to improve their business productivity and build an environment that facilitates ease of work.

In this fast-changing age in which digital innovations are advancing, JBS has set out a policy to review conventional working styles and improve the productivity of individuals and organizations for the further growth of the company. Thoroughly eliminating all wasteful elements of daily work operations, dramatically improving the density of communications with customers, and conducting swift, data-driven decision-making, this new working style will improve the productivity of individuals as well as productivity on the organizational level.

As the base for the reform to improve individuals’ and organizations’ productivity, JBS has rolled out the highest level plan in the Microsoft 365 integrated solution, Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5 (*1), to all JBS employees, about 2,200 persons, from March 2018. Specifically, we are using Microsoft Teams to reform the speed of information-sharing in daily work, Power BI to improve the speed of decision-making based not only on intuition or experience, but on clear-cut data, and Office 365’s AI service, MyAnalytics, to reform how we use our time in order to produce outcomes within a limited timeframe.

Additionally, as the base to analyze and visualize the reform of organizations’ working styles, JBS has been using the organization analysis solution Workplace Analytics (*2) since January 2018. As a new approach to explore the ideal form of an organization’s work, JBS is using Workplace Analytics to undertake efforts to offer insight to management and share the working styles of successful employees as best practices throughout the company.

Under the corporate mission of “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more,” Microsoft Japan supports the advancement of customers’ digital transformation and working style reforms. As a partner that supports the working style reforms of JBS, Microsoft Japan shares the results of its in-house practices, etc., with JBS and supports their use throughout the company.

  • 1 Microsoft 365 is an intelligent integrated solution that supports working styles that improve creativity and teamwork and maximizes individuals’ and organizations’ performance in a safe and secure environment. It includes the latest integrated information-sharing cloud service, Office 365, the latest operating system, Windows 10, and ID-based security solution, Enterprise Mobility + Security. With Microsoft 365’s highest level plan for business use, Microsoft 365 Enterprise E5, functions can be used to support working styles that enable users to be active, such as Power BI, a data analysis tool, MyAnalytics, which offers points for improvement by visualizing working styles, a telephone system (cloud PBX) and teleconference system that allows cloud-based telephone communication, and the latest security solution that allows users to prepare for unknown threats.
  • 2 Workplace Analytics is a solution that can be added to Microsoft 365. Based on big data of working styles accumulated in a cloud through the use of Office 365, it makes it possible to visualize and analyze the working style of an organization as a whole and supports business innovations and strategic organizational reforms based on the data. By analyzing data within an organization such as Office 365 data, the situation of business discussions, and HR data, it offers an insight into better ways of using time, more professional working styles, and how to increase collaboration between organizations.
JBS での Power BI 活用シーン

Power BI Usage Scenes at JBS

Workplace Analytics 画面イメージ

Workplace Analytics Image

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