JBS Starts offering "Ambient Office TerasTrust," Client Certificate Distribution Service to Control Device Access to Office 365



JBS announced today the offering of "Ambient Office TerasTrust," Client Certificate Distribution Service, which can be used at reasonable cost for device access control to Microsft Office 365.

With TerasTrust users can install certificates on their own. The administrator only has to assign the user and the device to which certificates should be distributed using the administration screen. Users then can install certificates to the appropriate devices from the certificate download portal.

You can restrict the number of certificate import to just one time to prevent undesired import to devices when distributing a certificate to a device using Windows/Internet Explorer from TerasTrust. In case of iOS devices you can constrain devices using IMEI/UDID so that only company-issued devices can make access to Office 365.

TerasTrust is a SaaS and priced per certificate, therefore optimal for a small start or minimizing the initial cost. For more details such as building AD FS or volumn discount (3,000 or more), please contact us.

  • This service is no longer available.
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