JBS Starts Offering "Ambient Office direct," Messenger for Business to Eradicate Shadow IT



business chat tool service for both internal and external communication in secured environment to enhance smooth communication.

"direct" is the cloud linkage messenger service especially for business activities developed by a company called "L is B." direct is equipped with several security measures but users can chat seamlessly using one single device without being conscious of business use or private use. You may invite the external customer of yours using Guest Mode to connect each other.
Additionally by linking a Chatbot developed by L is B with "direct" or your business systems the data can be utilized after accumulating the information inputted by "direct" in the business system through Chatbot. If you are not sure what to develop to collect appropriate data, please contact us. JBS will develop a Chatbot to meet with your business requirements after hearing.

  • This service is no longer available.
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