JBS Starts Offering "the MATRIX for Microsoft Azure" Solution



JBS today released a new solution "the MATRIX for Microsoft Azure." It enables you to take advantage of cloud computing while the resources for computing, storage, applications and development can be allocated as required in optimal security level.

"the MATRIX" is a new service brand for subscription-based solution category to realize digital transformation of our customers. "the MATRIX for Microsoft Azure" is the very first solution in this service brand "the MATRIX."

In addition to "the MATRIX for Microsoft Azure," we start offering the following two solutions to support Azure usage as a more comfortable and safer enterprise cloud.

  • "the MATRIX for Security": Security Operation Center(SOC) Solution to enhance your security from security diagnosis to preventive measures.
  • "Multi-Cloud Connect Service": Solution to enable multi-cloud usage in case you need connection to cloud services different from Azure.

the MATRIX Lineup

Multi-Cloud Connect Service


Relation Solution

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