Microsoft Japan Releases a Case Study of Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Company - JBS Helps Reduce the Calculation Time By 95% Using HPC Azure for Actuarial Calculations


Case Study

Microsoft Japan released a case study of Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Company, Limited (Hereinafter MSA Life Insurance) using HPC Azure for Actuarial Calculations.

MSA Life Insurance had been facing challenges that it took as long as 30 hours to complete a single actuarial calculation. But it was difficult for users department alone to make decisions on adding servers or putting additional workload. Actuarial calculation may peak suddenly due to interest rate fluctuations and it requires high-performance servers to reduce the calculation time.
At that time JBS was offering "Ambient Office Trial Service of HPC Azure for Actuarial Calculations." After the PoC, MSA Life Insurance realized the benefit of flexible sizing to meet with the peak time requirements using cloud-based HPC and officially installed HPC Azure Service.

JBS initially offered "Ambient Office Trial Service of HPC Azure for Actuarial Calculations" and helped the customer with implementation. Additionally JBS customized calculation tool made by EXCEL macros.
JBS is committed to continue offering the cutting edge solutions to achieve "the best system and the best service for our customers."

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