CA Releases a Case Study of CA UIM(Unified Infrastructure Management) at JBS


Case Study

CA Japan released a case study of CA UIM (Unified Infrastructure Management)at JBS.

JBS has Managed Service Center (Hereinafter MSC) for offering managed services such as system monitoring and maintenance for corporate customers. The need of corporate customers is increasing for outsourcing the operation of complicated IT environment. There are plenty of factors to be considered such as diversity of user devices and rapidly growing cloud services. It was CA UIM that JBS decided to install in order to make its operational management more efficient and better in quality.

CA UIM is a network management solution that enables you to monitor and manage performance and availability across complex environments. The flexible, modular, and scalable architecture allows you to rapidly add new IT monitoring capabilities as your infrastructure evolves.

As the diversity of monitoring objects is expected to grow, CA UIM continues to release new updates and versions to rapidly cover the most advanced technologies. It's been five years since JBS installed the earlier version of CA UIM. As CA UIM evolves, the level of utilizing it at MSC also rises. We at MSC will enhance the level of automation for managed services by linking CA UIM with surrounding systems so that our customers feel more assured with our services.

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