JBS Announces "Ambient Office Skype for Business External Line Service for Incoming and Outgoing Calls" utilizing Cloud PBX of Office 365



JBS today announced the offering of a semi-cloud service "Ambient Office Skype for Business External Line Service for Incoming and Outgoing Calls" which makes the most of Cloud PBX features of Office 365 Enterprise E5.


Skype for Business offered by Microsoft has established its position as a de facto standard of unified communication tool in office. Microsoft Japan started a Cloud PBX service connecting to outside telephone network. But users were limited because of the inconvenience that 0AB~J numbers including familiar numbers like 03, 06 could not be used.

Service Overview

This is a semi cloud service with Could PBX enabling to use 0AB-J numbers.
Clients interested in Cloud PBX want everything on cloud including telephone. Telephone lines are directly retracted into office and it is difficult to keep the call quality because delay occurred in the network between office and cloud.

In case of having on premise servers operational management was usually hard due to the fact that multiple Windows® servers were required in additional to telephone line network and gateway equipment. In our new service all you have to do is to rent a 1U equipment from JBS with which you are able to either make outgoing calls or receive incoming calls with Skype for Business. Charge is on a monthly basis including patch verification for system operation and support after the service starts. So customers feel as if they were using a real cloud-based service.

With this service users can expand Skype for Business communication from closed in-company environment to outside of the company.

You can solve the following problems.

  1. Phone numbers can be flexibly changed.
    No more outsourcing is required for the change of number assignment. You can do it internally.
  2. Work style not depending upon work location or device.
    Once logged into Skype for Business, you can use any phone as your own phone. It enables you to continue your business without interruption whether you work at home or go out on a business trip.
  3. Consolidated management of data by integrating contact information.
    Your phone book is integrated into Office 365. You'll be free from troublesome dual management of phone books.

Please be aware that this service can be combined with "Ambient Office Kontakt for Sansan" so that you may be able to make a call directly from the business card registered with Sansan.

JBS is committed to continue offering the cutting edge solutions to achieve "the best system and the best service for our customers."

  • This service is no longer available.
  • Office 365, Skype, and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.
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