JBS Announces New Board Member Appointment



JBS announced the appointment of new board member and corporate officer as of Oct. 1, 2016. Takuya Kohara has been appointed as Executive Vice President and Asako Hayata as Director of Business Strategy Division.

Yukihiro Makita, President of JBS, said,

“Mr. Kohara shares our company principle of ‘Customer First’ and our goal of providing the optimal and best IT solutions from the customer viewpoint. He proved it in his involvement in the previous company by understanding the business challenges of the partners and by proposing solutions in a global perspective. Ms. Hayata has been appointed as our female executive and I expect her to participate in the role of creating better work environment, developing human resources, and building stronger organizations. JBS will look to a new horizon with experience and knowledge of these two added talents.”

Takuya Kohara's Biography

Joined IBM Japan, Ltd.

Assistant to VP of IBM Japan, Ltd.

Corporate Strategy Director, IBM Corporation, Assistant to President of IBM Asia Pacific and other various positions

Joined Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Managing Executive Officer, Enterprise and Partner Group

Senior Managing Officer, Enterprise and Partner Group, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2016
Executive Vice President, Japan Business Systems, Inc.

Takuya Kohara Vice President

Kohara said as newly appointed VP,

“While JBS making most of knowledge we have accumulated, I would like JBS to evolve to be a business innovation partner by tackling uncharted territory of IT utilization such as cloud computing, IoT and AI. While discussing a long-term strategy with management people, we need to understand the latest technology of IT vendors as many as possible, and that is how we are able to propose the best solutions to resolve customer business needs. Together with our passionate employees I’ll do my best to help our customers succeed in their businesses so that we get their comments like ‘JBS always proposes something one step ahead.’ That is a kind of ‘Customer First’ we are aiming for.”

Asako Hayata's Biography

Asako Hayata Director

Joined Yamaichi Securities Co., Ltd.

Joined KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd.

General Manager, Business Inovation Corporate Marketing Group, KYOCERA Communication Systems Co., Ltd.

Senior Manager, 2nd Service Sales Department, Enterprise Service Sales, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Oct. 2016
Director, Business Strategy Division, Japan Business Systems, Inc.

Ms. Hayata said,

“I would like to establish a business model maximizing ‘Human resources, Strategy and New Technology’ towards the next step of JBS who has grown with our business principle of ‘Customer First.’ Active participation by women is essential for the further growth of IT industry. It is still rare in Japan to find women in managerial post or female executives. I would like to build a working environment where more women are assigned in manager role and comfortable for women. I’ll work towards establishment of JBS who will be needed for innovation and development of Japanese society and who can make everyone who JBS gets involved happy.”

Our major business principle has been and still is “Customer First,” with the idea that our resources should be devoted to our customers.Our FY2017 is a major turning point for us to move up to a next level with even more advanced concept of “Customer First.” We are fully committed to provide our customers with the best IT proposal and the best service possible to solve their business challenges.

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