Trend Micro Unveils Case Study of Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector at JBS


Case Study

Trend Micro released a case study of Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector at JBS.

JBS has an organization called Secure Design Center (Hereinafter SDC) specialized in security solutions we offer to cope with the need of enterprises for strengthening security. SDC is aiming to visualize potential threats within organizations by network monitoring. Recent targeted cyber attacks already in the organizational network cannot be discovered by entrance measures alone. So SDC took measures for both entrance/exit and within network. JBS actually implemented DDI for evaluation, verification and protection as DDI being a major product against targeted cyber attacks for our customers.

JBS completed its implementation only within one week. Dashboard shows the threat status immediately with no special knowledge about security required. DDI's ease of implementation and operation leads to the reduction of operational load and TCO for security measures.

SDC of JBS, making use of accumulated knowhow and skills, will continue to support our customers with targeted cyber attack measures.

  • This case study page is no longer available.
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