JBS Starts Offering "Real-time Positional Data Service - Ambient Office IRUCA"



JBS today announced the offering of "Real-time Positional Data Service - Ambient Office IRUCA."


As office system where employees are free to change desk, and teleworking are getting popular, the origin of communication shifts from location to human. As a supporting tool for human-centric communication JBS starts offering "Real-time Positional Data Service - Ambient Office IRUCA," which helps facilitate communication among office workers in the same office.

Service Overview

IRUCA is an application that lets you use iPhones to search for specific employees within the same office.
Simultaneously display positional data and contact information (telephone, e-mail, chat) for employees at an office or in a hot-desking context, promoting smoother communication between workers.

Features and Benefits

  • Identify position
    Use iPhones to identify the location of employees at the office and display presence and data. You can also contact them immediately!
  • Azure Active Directory integration / Office 365 integration
    Obtain profiles and integrate with Exchange schedules and Skype® for Business. Make both communication and business smoother!
  • Delayed notification function
    If the person you identify is not available, you can have a Push notification sent to them as soon as they return to the office!

System Overview

  • Determine positional data

  • Pricing

    Type 50 Type 75 Type 100
    Initial costs ¥250,000~ ¥300,000~ ¥400,000~
    Cost per beacon ¥105,000
    (in case of 50 beacon units)
    (in case of 75 beacon units)
    (in case of 100 beacon units)
    IRUCA Optional delayed notification function (One-time only) ¥100,000
    IRUCA Optional reporting (One-time only) ¥100,000
    IRUCA Base monthly rate (contracts based on 100 users) 1 person ¥300/month
    • Initial costs vary by number of beacons
    • Beacons are initially delivered with batteries installed
    • Note that beacon type and price may be subject to change based on manufacturer plans
    • Beacon troubleshooting, battery swap, and hardware issue support not included in IRUCA
    • Azure, Active Directory, Office 365 and Skype are the registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the U.S. and other countries.
    • iPhone and iBeacon are the registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
    • This service is no longer available.
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