JBS Starts Offering "JBS IT Asset Manager"



JBS today announced the offering of "JBS IT Asset Manager," Visualization Service for IT Asset Information.


We've seen at many customers of ours that IT asset information such as hardware, software, contract, payment, is individually managed and there's hardly any consolidated management. 1. Hardware, software asset and its operational state 2. Quotes for development, maintenance and operation, contracts and actual payment 3. System investment budget/result management - they can be individually grasped but managing horizontally requires much workload. As a result situation can be often seen that a right decision is not made because consolidated information is available.

IT asset information is well grasped at investment phase but it is difficult to manage at operational phase. The continuous IT governance is getting harder due to too much dependence on each individual administrator or the change of administrators which makes sharing of the past events or incidents limited.

Under these circumstances the followings are required; A) a scheme to manage IT asset information efficiently with less operational load along with system life cycle, B) reporting function for useful data at the time of contract renewal.

Service Overview

This service under the supervision of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. makes IT asset information visible, relates in a cross-sectoral way for consolidated management, and provides various analysis data for IT asset.


  1. With its expertise in IT governance and cost optimization, Mitsubishi Research Institute coordinates as we conduct initial consulting and provide applications with knowhow as a service.
  2. The service features a high level of usability with Microsoft SharePoint Online and Microsoft Excel and is easy for operators to integrate. Periodic benchmark data refreshing and reports are available.
  3. Ledger input can be outsourced to our company on your behalf.
    • Cost estimates for this optional service are provided separately.


  • Initial Charge From 4,000,000 JPY (without tax)
    - Content:Data Provisioning, Policy Creation, Process Creation, Application Adoption, Initial Data Capture
  • Monthly Service Charge From 350,000 JPY (without tax)
    - Content:Application Licensing, Periodic Reports, System Maintenance/Operation
  • This service is no longer available.
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