JBS Announced a New Service for Business Card Information Management with Sansan linking Office 365



JBS today announced the offering of "Ambient Office Kontakt for Sansan," a new business card information management service with Sansan Cloud Business Card Management Service linking Office 365.

Service Overview :

By linking Sansan Cloud Business Card Management Service with Microsoft Office 365 this service can retrieve business card information registered by Sansan into Outlook Contact.

End users using this service can utilize client business card information without depending on location or device. Since it only retrieves business card information user himself or herself registers, there is no worry for leaking the information to other users.

This Service Can Solve These Problems :

  • It is sometimes difficult to use even digitized biz card information.
    When you want to use contact information on PC or smartphone, you can use seamlessly the biz card information registered by Sansan.
  • Worried about sending e-mail to wrong address by mistake
    Sansan enables you to register the contact name with company name. It helps minimize mistakes such as sending to the same first and last names or to internal/external users.
  • It takes time to identify the caller when receiving a call from unregistered number.
    Even if the phone number is not registered on your smartphone, it refers to the biz card information at the time of receiving a call. When you miss the call, it is easy to identify the call and call back.
  • This service is no longer available.
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