Case Study of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at JBS Published on Nikkei Computer



JBS today announced that a case study of Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at JBS titled " The latest Surface Pro 4 & Windows 10 Improve Productivity and Agility " was published on Nikkei Computer Feb. 4, 2016 edition.

JBS has been accumulating knowhow by internally using the most advanced solutions or products as actual users so that we can provide customers with services to implement them in the best fashion.
In this article Naohiro Fukatani, Director of Sales Dept. 1, Sales Div., and Chiemi Inoue, in Cloud Solution Development Dept., Marketing Div. introduce some points why Surface Pro 4 is an ideal PC for Cloud First/Mobile First Age after actually using it. Please enjoy reading it.

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  • 最新のSurface Pro 4とWindows 10で生産性と機動力を向上

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