BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Renews Group Communication Platform with Office 365 for Changing Work Style with Optimized Costs


Case Study

JBS announced today the introduction of a case study of Microsoft Office 365 (Hereinafter Office 365) and "Ambient Office Live Support" at BANDAI NAMCO Holdings Inc.

The mission of the BANDAI NAMCO Group (Hereinafter BNG) headed by BANDAI NAMCO Holdings is to provide “Dreams, Fun and Inspiration” through their products and services, and their vision is to become “the Leading Innovator in Global Entertainment.”
It was Office 365 BNG who has many group companies chose for group common communication platform. Familiarity to Microsoft products such as Office applications gave a sense of safety and Office 365 was selected for common platform to communicate with overseas major offices. The introduction of PingFederate as identity management tool helps minimize the workload for identity management worldwide. BNG expects to reduce the costs for business trips by using web conference services on this common platform.

JBS offers "Ambient Office Live Support" to improve the usage of Office 365 at BNG after service-in.

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