Report Revealed on "JPHACKS 2015," the Biggest Collegiate Hackathon League in Japan, Cosponsored by JBS



JPHACKS 2015, the Biggest Collegiate Hackathon League in Japan, cosponsored by JBS ended on Dec. 12, 2016.

Hackathon events took place in five areas in Japan and 61 student teams participated.
15 teams advanced to the final round and the following teams won the category awards.
【Civic Tech Category】 ippuQ/Red Impulse
【World Challenge Category】 Eye-et/TsukubaEngineersLab
【Academic Category】 cooksim./Kegani Fan Club

JBS selected "MEACON" by MimorinShampoo among teams who were not qualified for the Final and gave the JBS Sponsor Award. "MEACON" is an app with concept of connecting street musicians with audience and fans. "MEACON" displays street live information in the vicinity on the map, and shows the number of people listening so far, the place, the date and the number of likes. You can also share your favorite artists on Facebook or Twitter. JBS highly evaluated the potentiality of its giving joy to the community and prevailing.

MEACON Introduction Website

Through this event JBS continues to support student engineers and creators who try to create products to astonish the world with their technological strengths, enthusiasms and imagination.

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