Makita, President of JBS, Contributes a Feature Article to " Corporate Management " Quarterly Magazine by Suruga Institute



" Corporate Management " 2016 Winter Edition (No. 133) published by Suruga Institute on Jan. 4, 2016 features " Future Corporate Management from the Viewpoint of IT Industry - New Customer Experiences (CX) Put Into Practice By Software - " which Yukihiro Makita, President of Japan Business Systems, Inc., wrote.

Suruga Institute was founded by Suruga Bank and local businesses in Shizuoka Prefecture in purpose of seeking a new direction of regional economies and communities as well as contributing to the healthy development of small medium enterprises.
" Corporate Management " is a quarterly magazine published by Suruga Institute to distribute information to enterprises. The latest 133th edition features " New Information Revolution " as a theme. Makita in the article stresses the importance of apps for future business by referring to examples of Uber who offers ride share and taxi services, and Tanita who provides body composition meters compatible to network connection. He mentions that it is possible to provide customers with new customer experiences and higher values by offering services through apps.

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Feature Article

  • " Corporate Management " 2016 Winter Edition (No. 133) by Suruga Institute

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