Tech Target Interviews JBS on "Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite" and Best Practices Are Shared



Interview with JBS employees is posted at TechTarget Japan Dec. 24 edition on "EMS for Mobile Management, Things IT staff should know who are not sure of using it well."
Three from JBS, Yuki Kojima of Managed Service Center, Toshiaki Akiba of Cloud Solutions Development Dept. and Yuka Endo of Cloud Platform Dept., introduce JBS's solution which assists the installation of Microsoft EMS and supports post-installation operation.

EMS is a suite which supports comprehensively mobile device management in cloud environment including user ID management, device management, and data protection. But we often hear concerns and voices like "We don't know where to start, or how to start," "Since it includes multiple solutions, we don't know how to use which." JBS introduces our solutions as best practices for those who cannot make a decision on the installation of EMS, or those who want to better utilize EMS already installed.

"Ambient Office Device Management Service with Intune" is introduces as a solution which minimizes drastically your operational workload. Intune included in EMS enables you to manage not only devices, applications but also mobile data and contents. "Ambient Office Live Support for EMS" is also introduced as a support service for better mobile utilization using EMS.
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