JBS Employee Featured on BS Asahi TV Program "Working Style Forefront ~ Sports Vitalize Young People"



JBS today announced that BS Asahi TV Program featuring JBS employee was televised on Dec. 5, 2015. The program was named as "Working Style Forefront ~ Sports Vitalizing Young People" and featured two young businessmen working for IT companies. One of them was Ryo Suzuki of JBS, in Media Sector Division.
JBS and the other IT company are in earnest trying to improve work life balance for employees. This program features employees who work hard and at the same time enjoy sports. The scenes include business meetings, exhibition at Tokyo Game Show 2015, and soccer practice and games in which Suzuki participates.

Suzuki as manager and player of JBS soccer team talks about how he balances work and sport, and how soccer influences his work positively.
JBS will continue to support and back up these sport activities so that better work life balance can be achieved among our employees.

  • ワーキングスタイル最前線~スポーツで輝く若者たち~

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