JBS Wins the Excellent Office Award - Creative Office at the 28th NIKKEI NEW OFFICE AWARD



JBS announced today the winning of " the Excellent Office Award - Creative Office at the 28th NIKKEI NEW OFFICE AWARD " by its Toranomon Hills Office (Hereinafter THO).

NIKKEI NEW OFFICE AWARD is an annual event sponsored by Nikkei Inc. and New Office Promotion Association (NOPA) and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI). This year 13 offices are selected and awarded for their originality and ingenuity and received " New Office Promotion Awards " out of 134 applicants. One of the top awards in this New Office Promotion Award is given to JBS and its THO as the Creative Office Award for maximizing employees' creative power, ability to get things done, ability to transmit information, resonance force as well as for turning changes into reality.

Toranomon is the area of re-development and a hub for new traffic infrastructure towards the Tokyo Olympics and one of the most wish-to-work districts for office workers and Toranomon Hills is the landmark. JBS moved to THO in Aug. 2014 and occupies 71,166 feet square on two floors with approximately 850 employees of 4 JBS Group companies working.
Some of the points for high evaluation are as follows:

  • Office workers should feel comfortable and relaxed and workers' sensitivity should be stimulated to have higher creativity.
  • Information Technology including computer network should be fully utilized and the work space should aggressively promote new management and work style.

JBS continues to work hard to make THO a showcase for new work style. And THO should be a place where employees as well as our business partners and customers should get together for business meetings and sometimes for fun just like Campus.

28th NIKKEI NEW OFFICE AWARD ( New Office Promotion Association (NOPA) Website )

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