Microsoft Corporation Introduces a Case Study of JBS with ECS at Customer Stories Website


Case Study

JBS announced the introduction of a customer story about JBS who improves security and active communication through Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Suite (hereinafter ECS) at Microsoft Corporation Customer Stories Website.

ECS is a Microsoft's strategic suite product optimized for enterprises in the age of 'Cloud First' and 'Mobile First.' It's a new user-centric all-in-one cloud solution. ECS comprises Office 365 E3, Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Windows Software Assurance (SA) per User. These three services help realize productivity improvement as well as security enhancement. The user-centric license scheme enables users to use a variety of devices.

The case study of JBS introducing ECS was posted on Microsoft Japan website in April 2015. This time Microsoft Corporation introduces JBS as one of the early adopters of ECS among System Integrators in Japan, who streamlined communications among employees and with customers, boosted productivity, and spurred business growth with value-added operation.

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