TechTarget Interviews JBS on System Center as Smart IT System Management at Hybrid Cloud Age



Interview with JBS employees is posted at TechTarget Japan Mar. 2 edition on "Better way of IT system management at Hybrid cloud age." A couple of key project leaders who promoted the service enhancement with Microsoft System Center as a company-wide IT management service tool are interviewed and talk about how JBS acquired the ISO20000 certification, which is an international standard for IT service management.

Benefits of cloud computing are often heard such as enhancement of IT flexibility, expandability, and robustness as well as reduction of management workload and overall costs. Sometimes cloud computing is over-evaluated as if a magic wand which could innovate IT quickly and make great contribution to business.

There're big differences between cloud and on-premise in management design and management method. As the hybrid cloud age is approaching, the system operational management gets more complicated and sophisticated. It is important and recommended that one should select an IT vendor who has fully utilized the solution for their own and accumulated knowhow and knowledge. IT vendor certified with ISO20000 and qualified for ITIL® trainer would be even better.

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