First in Japan ! Microsoft Certifies JBS for Dynamics DPS Partner



JBS today announced the service launch of Microsoft Dynamics Deployment Planning Services ( DYDPS ※ ).

The Deployment Planning Services Program is a service provided through Microsoft Certified Deployment Planning Services Partners which provides clients transition and deployment planning support for moves to the latest software environments, tailored directly to the customer’s user environment. DYDPS for Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX was domestically announced by Microsoft on Dec. 8, 2014. JBS was certified as the very first DYDPS partner in Japan on Feb. 9, 2015.

JBS has been a certified partner for six categories of Deployment Planning Service.

  1. Desktop DPS
  2. Lync & Exchange DPS
  3. SQL Server DPS
  4. Public Cloud, Microsoft Azure DPS
  5. SharePoint DPS
  6. Private Cloud, Management and Virtualization DPS

JBS has not only Dynamics CRM implemented for its own use, but also supported many customers with CRM implementation. We are very honored and proud to be the first certified partner in Japan for DYDPS. We're committed to support customers with xDPS so that the most up-to-date software is valued to maximize their businesses.

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