JBS Acquires ISO 20000 Certification for IT Service Management



JBS today announced the acquisition of an ISO 20000 ( *1 ) certification for IT service management ( *2 ). It was given for a private Cloud for JBS's own verification/development environment using Microsoft System Center.
According to our own research, it is the first acquisition of an ISO 20000 certification for IT service management using System Center for a main management solution.

ISO 20000 is an international standard for IT service management. This time JBS was assessed and certified by BSI Group Japan, an examining authority.

The following five operation management features of System Center are utilized by JBS, which meet the ISO 20000 requirements.

  1. IT Service Management
  2. Configuration Management / Update Management
  3. Operation Management (Monitoring / Log Collection)
  4. Consolidated Management of Virtual Environment
  5. Self Service Portal

JBS migrated to a hybrid cloud environment by combining with Microsoft Azure.

There's a trend among enterprises to utilize a public cloud service while having IT assets on premises.
Having IT assets scattered on-premises and in the cloud makes the management more difficult. JBS is fully committed to help solve this kind of challenge.

In addition to ISO 20000 certification JBS was accredited by EXIN Japan as an ITIL® ( * 3 ) training organization in Aug. 2014. We now offer an ITIL® training service.

  • 1. ISO 20000
    International standard for IT service management developed in Dec. 2005 to reflect best practice guidance contained within the ITIL® (*3) framework.
    It consists of ISO / IEC 20000-1 (specification) and ISO / IEC 20000-2 (code of practice).
  • 2. ISO 20000 certified area
    IT service management for a virtualized private cloud service ( IaaS ) for JBS group companies by IT Service Group, Technology Solution Dept. of JBS
  • 3. ITIL®( IT Infrastructure Library )
    ITIL® is a set of best practices for IT service management.
    It originated in 1989 from a public release by British Government's Central Communications and Telecommunications Agency.
  • ISO 20000 授与写真

    At the ISO 20000 Awarding Ceremony on Jan. 20, 2015:Makita, JBS, Inc. (Left), Mr. Nishinaka, BSI Group Japan K.K. (Right)

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