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Do You Still Think On-Premise Is a Prerequisite for Highly-Secure Systems ? Quick and Low-Cost Implementation Using Cloud !

Microsoft Office 365 活用事例 宝印刷株式会社
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"X System for IPO" is a document management service for companies planning for IPO. The System is equipped with security to prevent information leakage as well as support features for complicated tasks associated with IPO.
IPO requires a system with high confidentiality and security. "X System for IPO" was implemented using Office 365 on highly robust Microsoft Azure and takes advantage of the  low costs and speedy implementation as a cloud service. With its ample experience in Office 365 implementation, JBS offers "HDE One," a cloud security service for Office 365 to enhance its authentication security to meet with the customer's request.
Takara Printing highly regards JBS's high technical skills and excellent responsiveness, and will continue to work with JBS for the next "X-Smart Series" automation tool for disclosing financial documents.

  • HDE,Inc. changed its name to HENNGE K.K. in February 2019. At the same time the name of “HDE One” was changed to “HENNGE One”.

Published: 2017.06.04

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